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Reply Wed 29 Jul, 2015 03:20 am
We'd been married for 8 years now with three kids, I am aware everytime he goes to the night club, having a one night stand with some other girls & I also know that he had a ******* buddy the time he's been working as a customer service rep. I already accept the fact that I cant change him, it hurt me so much, but it doesnt make me give up all weve been through, because I dont want to give my kids a broken family and of course because i love my husband so much and i think i cant live and start my life again without him. Then before our 8th anniversary comes, we gotten into the worst fight, that made him go to the night club again, and then he met this other woman, whom she became his gf, and this girl is so attached to my husband that she is willing to be his other woman, i dont know what was her intention but my husband is also so attached with her, he also made another facebook account so they can communicate there, he also had this secret inbox on his phone so i cant caught him cheating. Then our anniversary comes, he confess everything to me, he told me that he has another woman that he think he already love, and the days had passed, he changed his number and promise me to not communicate with her again, but of course its just a promise. They still communicate and their relationship continued. It also affect his work on our family business, and now one month had passed since they dated because im always with him everytime hes going to checked our family business, im always with him everywhere he go, but this girl is so bitch that he still tecting my husband sweet messages, and now that were fixing our relationship, my husbsnd tell her that he want to end things between her, but the girl asked my husband to meet her for the last time. And now my husband asking my permission about it. What am i gonna do? Do i let them see wach other again? Please helpppp Sad
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Your kids will survive a broken family. Lots of people's kids do.

In the meantime, you're teaching them that marriage is all about letting someone walk all over you (and potentially endanger your life with an STD, and spend money on someone else when the family could use it). Thank you, sir, may I have another?

Instead of considering 'letting' them see each other again (I got news for you - they will if they haven't already. You are already giving them permission to do so), why not get some counseling and find out why your self-esteem is so far down and in the toilet that you can't seem to get up the gumption to do anything about this obviously unfair situation.

I am, of course, assuming that you do not have an open marriage. But if you do, it seems as if it is only open for your husband.

Please get some counseling.
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Reply Wed 29 Jul, 2015 06:05 am
This sounds like you will live a LIFE of him cheating.

Why? Because you have allowed this behavior to go on for this long and he sounds like he comes from a culture where the man always has "something" on the side.

Your children are getting a bad message: worried, sad mother and father who cheats on his wife and doesn't spend time with them. Is this the model you want to show them?

You don't want to be alone? Honey, you already are.
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