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I fell on a treadmill and now I have 3 huge bruises on my legs . My birthday is in two weeks I wanted to speed the process up but it's not going well . Once it started turning brown and scabbing I poured peroxide on it and it bubbled up then turned white when I tried to rinse it off with water it still stayed white . My mom said it was dead skin and I need to wipe it off but I called my doctor and she said never rub a burn . It looked slimy and had a little bit of yellow stuff coming out. When I rubbed it a little bit it started to bleed . Why did the scab turn white ? Will it turn back brown ? What is the white stuff ? What should I do when it starts turning brown again . Should I keep pouring peroxide and water on it ? Or do I just keep adding Neosporin PLEASE HELP!!!
Reply Mon 20 Jul, 2015 08:48 pm
For starters, Neosporin is an antibiotic. Not a bad idea, but it only promotes healing in the sense that it reduces the chance of infection. At one time, it was popular to oil the area with Vitamin E. We'd get a bottle of those little gel caps, pierce them with a pin and spread the oil over the wound. If it didn't work, we always thought it would.

Peroxide is another treatment that treats infection but does not otherwise do anything to speed healing. Like rubbing alcohol, I'm pretty sure can do more tissue damage than not, if you overdo it.

Did your doctor understand that you were treating a friction 'burn' and not one caused by heat? They might be different. What did she suggest when she told you this.
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Ask your mom to take you to the doctor or neighborhood clinic to get it checked out and receive instructions on how to treat it at home.
Reply Tue 21 Jul, 2015 05:14 am
putting peroxide on a healing wound is not a good procedure. Peroxide is an oxidizing agent and what its done to the scabs is to "burn" the tissue and then(because the peroxide is mostly water, )it hydrates the scab and youve probably cause them to be infected.
Neosporin os good, STuff like vaseline would also be ok, or teatree .

Stop the peroxide, youre just irritating the wound and maybe causing an infection.
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Go. To. Your. Doctor.

Don't just call.

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