He didn't respond to my apology?

Reply Sat 11 Jul, 2015 12:38 pm
The guy I've been dating now for over 2 months and I went out last night. He wanted to go somewhere that I really wasn't a fan of and suggested we see a movie instead. Then he said he was really wanting to go to the place he suggested and so we could just hang out tomorrow night instead. I got a little upset because this isn't the first time he's cancelled on me for not wanting to do what he wanted. Though the last time it was because he thought I wasn't serious about him (he asked me to spend the night with him), which I turned down because I thought he wasn't serious about me. We talked about this a few days later and realized how stupid we were. After he said that we should reschedule last night, I overreacted, got upset, and ended up telling him that we could do whatever he wanted to do. So we went, but I was in a bad mood all night and he definitely picked up on it. Things went alright though after that and when I woke up this morning and had some time to think about what happened, I figured I owed him an apology. So I texted him and haven't received a reply. It's been almost 2 hours and he rarely keeps me waiting that long. Did I screw up? Was I right in respect to needing to apologize to him? What could he possibly be thinking of me? I feel so incredibly vulnerable right now. I'm just not good at expressing myself. Help!
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Next time when you need to apologize, pick up the phone or go in person. Texts are cheap and require little thought. Phone calls and coming in person require more forethought and effort, and mean more.

Oh, and don't apologize a second time. Consider the message received and occupy yourself (don't keep checking your phone! Go and watch a movie or something) until he either gets back to you or sufficient time has gone by (a few days or so) where you know he's ending contact.

PS You're allowed to not want to do everything your bf wants to do.
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Reply Sat 11 Jul, 2015 10:01 pm
Err, seriously, he's not allowed to leave his phone laying around his house? I often check my phone only twice per day...sometimes music covers the ring or message tone...sometimes I leave it in my car and forget...sometimes its under something that muffles the noise...

Just 2 hours Shocked
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Vernon of Prague
Reply Sun 12 Jul, 2015 04:48 am
I'm just not good at expressing myself. Help!

Agree on that point. I don't have slightest clue what the hell is this post about, but

a) If you did something wrong and you think it was wrong, apology is ok.
b) if he didn't response in TWO HOURS it might mean that he's like... busy? Or thinking about best answer? Give it a time, for god's sake. It's ok if he don't respiond to you even for couple of days. At least you both will feel how it is without one another.
c) If he won't answer after that, send a small memo "did you receive my message?" "Is everything ok?". Just don't be pushy and don't be needy. It's that simple.
d) Learn smt. about paragraphs, storytelling.
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