Engaged to a man who hasn't contacted me for a week?

Debra Law
Reply Sun 12 Jul, 2015 11:26 am
Twinkle10 wrote:

This is was spot on...

His mother called to tell me why he's been upset/ignoring me for a week. It was because I didn't inquire about his situation with his mother more than once, and I went to meet my friend despite his problem at home.

Even if I didn't inquire that many times, do I really deserve to be ignored for a week for that?

Not sure what's going to become of this now, should I contact him or not?

He's a little boy who lives with his mommy. The next time his mommy calls you to discuss whatever tantrum he is having, perhaps you should break up with her and her baby.
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Reply Mon 26 Oct, 2015 07:09 pm
Dear twinkle10,
I've just read your questions about your boyfriend who didn't contact you for a week (you posted them in July). I am now in a very similar situation and have the same questions as you had. Did he in the end contact you? And could you please tell me what the situation now is?
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