What do dreams mean?

Reply Wed 27 May, 2015 10:30 am
okay there is this guy that i used to have a fling with about a year ago and then we had an argument and everything went down hill from there. but i still have to see him all the time...cause he is my mom's boyfriend's son. Our parents are pretty serious too. but we arent biologically related so nothing bothers us. Any ways, after we broke things off(unofficially though we were never official to begin with but we definitely had something) things got awkward and there was always tension. We wouldn't even talk to to each other or make eye contact. I didnt exist to him and of course he existed to me. The whole reason we had an argument was because i was acting very distant and weird, all because i didn't know what we were and it was eating me alive. but i wasnt gonna say anything cause i didn't want to freak him cause truth is. I've been in love with this guy since i was 9 years old. Anyways ever since me and him rekindled our relationship about a year ago i've had tons of dreams about him on and off. Sometimes three dreams in a row then i wont have one for a couple nights then it will start back and it was like that for a few months then it stopped. Then it started back up a few months ago. and about 2 weeks ago we actually had a conversation and we sat down ad talked and messed with each other(not like that. Just teasing and flirting) and listened to music together and stuff. and so we were cool again. We still are. But now my dreams are non-stop. Every night its a dream about us. Sometimes i want to wake up and cry because i wasn't real, or just not even get out of bed. The dreams are always about us being together or him being sweet and things like that. All i want to know is Do dreams mean anything? Does having the recurring similar dream mean anything? Or am i just making a big deal out of nothing?
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Reply Wed 27 May, 2015 11:16 am
Kay, if you believe Freud, Dreams reveal subconscious reasoning; wishes, fears, etc, in symbolic form

So we'd need to know the exact content of each dream. Often you won't remember 'cause we're not s'posedta
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Reply Wed 27 May, 2015 11:44 am
You can read a bit more about dreams below.
You should ask yourself what you think about the dream. Are the people in the dream the real person? You are you etc or are the persons a symbol for a person or something else.
Do not discuss too much of what you were dreaming with other people. Often dreams represent your subconsience and that can be very intimate.
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Reply Wed 27 May, 2015 11:56 am
Understanding dreams involves understanding ancient history to some extent.

In Old Testament times, dreams were a means of getting information from the spirit world to our own world, thus Daniel and Moses were able to interpret dreams and make sense of them.

There were also a number of arcane practices meant to facilitate contact with the spirit realm a bit more directly: prophets, the Greek oracles, witchcraft/familiar-spirits (the story about Saul, Samuel, and the 'witch of Endor' for instance), and also pure electrostatic devices like the ark of the covenant.

All of those things involved trance states like hypnosis, all involved static electricity, and all of them stopped working before the time of Alexander.

Likewise dreams no longer serve any useful purpose and are basically like listening to static on a radio; you're just picking up bits and pieces of stuff but never enough to really tell you anything. Our ability to dream is what remains of a function which we no longer really have, sort of like an ostrich's wings.
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Reply Wed 27 May, 2015 02:29 pm
Do you fear telling him what you think?
That you dream about him? (Don't specify the content)
That you would like to continue with him?

He may be just as reluctant to divulge his own thoughts.
Or, he may not have the same feelings as you have.
Though it may be painful, you need to know.

Sooner or later you will probably need to have that conversation.
Have courage.
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Reply Wed 27 May, 2015 03:41 pm
the story here doesn't quite match up with your thread from a month ago



Why not focus on completing high school and getting on with life as a grown-up.

As much as you may be attracted this young man, you're at a stage in your life when things are changing a lot.

From reading both threads it seems that both of you could benefit from some time to develop your communication skills.

The dreams? as much as you'd like them to be important they are likely just random synapses bouncing around in your brain.
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Reply Wed 27 May, 2015 09:12 pm
You are thinking about this guy all the time. Much of it is fantasy. No wonder you are dreaming about having a relationship with him. Dreams are a way for our subconscious to work on things that are overwhelming or highly emotional.

Try to grasp reality in the situation. Don't fantasize about what is happening between you two. Easy does it. You don't know how he feels.
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Reply Thu 28 May, 2015 02:07 am
Can I ask how old you are?

It could be that he had a crush on you, you on him but reality he didn't feel that you were suited or he freaked at the fact he's your Mom's boyfriend's son.

If you were in love with him per-say from 9 years of age, he's your first crush and until you meet some other guy to fall for, he will always be a part of your dreams. He is all you know as far as "crushes" go..

Every girl "want's" to fall in love. You could find that is all it is.. Your dream is to be loved by someone and to share it back.
Reply Thu 28 May, 2015 06:54 pm
Dreams mean you've been sleeping and have a living brain in your skull. That's about all I can think of.
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Reply Tue 16 Jun, 2015 02:14 pm
Im 18. And ive dated plenty of other guys. And had heartbreaks and other crushes on other guys since then. I wouldnt even be thinking about him. I wouldnt have even talked to him and Id have a crush on someone totally different but then go to bed that night and have a dream about him. and that doesnt add up to me.
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