How to handle being heartbroken

Reply Wed 29 Apr, 2015 02:24 pm
Based further off my last question post...

But my boyfriend and I are done. He broke it off with me. I can't remember the last time I cried so much over anything. I've always been a strong person who could pick myself up and move on with my life when things go south. I just keep thinking back to how things were, how he was, before things changed. He was my first real boyfriend.

He kept saying he needed a longer break, but I finally got him to admit that this was really a break up. I feel completely and utterly broken into a billion pieces. My spirit feels crushed. I can't stop crying whenever I hear his name, or when someone asks me about him. And the worst part is, it happened so fast. He says it's him, but really? I guess I always knew he had nothing to offer me in life, and I guess I understand why my family says he's "toxic" for me. But on the inside, I feel like I'm dying.

Why is it so hard for me to let go? He already did.

How can I cope with feeling so broken?

How can I forget about him so I can move on with my life, maybe find someone new in the future who will love me the way I feel I deserve to be loved?
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You feel like every single 17 year old feels when that first relationship breaks. Strangely though they end up in another relationship and another and at some point wonder what the heck it was they loved about the first guy.

I'm sorry your Father was abusive to you, this is your chance to ensure who ever is going to be in your life, is never abusive to you, verbally, emotionally, physically none of it.

Are you still pregnant sweet? This will play with a lot of your emotions and would also answer his cowardly "running away" . BUT, your family have told you he's toxic, from reading I think he's no good for you, you have a chance to end up with someone AWESOME... So keep moving along, don't shed any more tears for this guy...

Reply Wed 29 Apr, 2015 03:11 pm
What she said.

And I know it may sound trite but this, too, shall pass.

If I had allowed a breakup in my 17th year to really break me, I wouldn't have met my kickbun awesome husband in my 26th year.

You're gonna be okay.
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Reply Wed 29 Apr, 2015 08:19 pm
I am sorry you are feeling heartbroken. I know it is tough when you love someone and they don't love you back. You don't say how old you are in your post - but I can tell you - it will get better. If you are young - unfortunately this may not be the last time you have your heartbroken - but one day you will meet the person who will not break your heart but take all the pain away. Depending on your age - concentrate on school, your job, your friends and your family. Go out and have fun - no one is worth your happiness and well being. If you start going out and having fun, you will meet someone new when you least expect it. Good luck and keep smiling.
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Reply Wed 13 May, 2015 04:12 am
Step 1: Dedicate one last night to your feelings. If you're really sad, cry your heart out, drench your pillow, for tomorrow you'd be a free man.

Step 2: You're a bit free of stress now, acknowledge that. Thank yourself for that.You're awesome. Spend some time doing something you love and do that with all your heart. Do something new, something you always wanted to do. Maybe some new idea you had? Work on it. The time is now.

Step 3: Stop keeping in touch with her. No phone calls, no re-reading your old messages. If you guys were really good friends, you will be friends again. But give time a chance to make things anew before that. When you meet again after that, things will not be the same.
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Reply Wed 13 May, 2015 06:20 am
A small quote for heartbroken

“I have not broken your heart - you have broken it; and in breaking it, you have broken mine.”
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Reply Wed 13 May, 2015 10:07 am
This was posted on the Quotes thread on this site:

“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.”
― Maya Angelou, Letter to My Daughter

This "boy" let you down and is a coward because he did not walk with you when you were going down a dark path. He would never be there for you. Some day you will be glad you don't have to take care of him any more. That day will come when your self esteem is higher and you don't settle for boys like him.

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Reply Thu 21 May, 2015 03:13 am
1. Go through it, not around it.
2. Detach and revel in your independence again.
3. List your strengths.
4. Allow some fantasizing.
5. Help someone else.

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Reply Thu 4 Jun, 2015 08:41 am
Getting over heartbreak is so hard! Break-ups rip us open — there's no other way to say it. It's a death of sorts. That of the relationship, the image of how we see ourselves, and temporarily, the death of hope for the future. Heartbroken really, really hurts. Believe me, I've been there.

So how to get over heartbreak? Some folks skip getting over heartbreak, and dive right into another relationship to avoid suffering. Others act out — a.k.a. frickin' their way to mental health. That's a deliberate typo. ☺ Yet the sad truth is, if when heartbroken, we rush and avoid, we'll not only sacrifice our health, but we'll likely attract the same situation again. Or worse.

Why? Because all of those feelings, beliefs, patterns, decisions and behaviours that made us “us” — energetically and emotionally — stay the same. Therefore, we'll continue to attract similar things.

So! If you're currently getting over heartbreak, here are some ideas and resources that worked for me when I found myself heartbroken. Not only will they help you feel better — but you'll grow and change your energy in the process.
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