Does anyone know whats going on?

Reply Fri 24 Apr, 2015 10:51 pm
So this guy I like started messaging me just recently quite a bit, I think we ve both liked each other for quite some time now so I was really happy, and he said he really wanted to see me and wanted me to come over and all this other stuff basically saying he liked me, and it was quite intimate. He said he wanted something with me but not a relationship at this time because he had just broken up with his girlfriend a few months ago, and that was fine with me. So we were going to meet but he text me last minute saying can we do it the next day because something can up which was fine. Then he says that night he doesn t want anything with me more then friends. I was so hurt but thought I didn t want it to be awkward so said do you want to just meet as friends then and he said maybe so he s been avoiding me now And I m so hurt because he really led me on, because I think we ve both liked each other for a long long time, as we always look at each other all the time and everything, and are quite awkward around each other and then he just ended it.

But does anyone know what this means? Was I just a rebound or did he actually want something with me but thought it would probably grow into a relationship and he didn t want that so backed off? How can someone go from being really intimate and really really wanting to see me to flat out avoiding me and wanting nothing to do with me?

Help me!!!
Reply Sat 25 Apr, 2015 05:57 am
He didn't 'end' anything. There was nothing there to begin with.

Another one with the staring. Seriously - a lot of staring does not automatically equal an attraction.

But look back over what you wrote. He wanted to meet you but not have you as a girlfriend. That's code for - I want you to be my **** buddy and I'm more than happy to do you and then not be obligated to call or take you anywhere or remember your birthday.

And then someone else came along who was, to him, a more attractive offer.

Don't be hurt. Be relieved.

You potentially dodged a bullet there.

Oh, and next time someone else dictates relationship terms to you and you're not in agreement and you don't like it, don't just roll over, saying, "Thank you, sir, may I have another?" Be an adult and assert your place in your relationships - whatever you want it to be.
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Reply Sat 25 Apr, 2015 10:27 am
He said, he said, he texted.

Did you ever really TALK in person to this guy?

Sorry, but there was never anything going on; he was testing the waters.
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