Think my BF is very spiteful

Reply Wed 15 Apr, 2015 03:25 pm
I have been living home with my BF for close to a year, from the very beginning his dog (his mothers dog but he took it Over a yr before I came) was an issue, the dog is very old and sickly, have lots of infections, all his teeth are rotten to a point that it's easy to pull out, cause of the rotten teeth his mouth stinks.. He would lick my bf, he would play with him and then come touching me all over. I mentioned it before that he should clean himself after playing with the dog especially when he's all over the couch which the dog pees and sleeps on and it's in our bedroom! He totally ignored my feelings and continued to do the same. Eventually I felt sick, I was always itchy, even to my private part I was itchy.. I asked him if he can take the dog to his mother for the night so we can have some alone time (he never wants to leave the dog at home, he takes the dog to work also, we don't do anything because of the dog, for example we went to the movies and all be spoke of is the dog "I feel guilty leaving him at home". After leaving the dog at this mom for the night, it became two nights then I suggested y don't he just leave him there since that was his home to begin with.. We had a huge argument because of that.. And we decided that the dog can come on weekends which he never did.. Afterwards he said that he felt more free without the dog and even complained that the couch was making him itch, we had to cover it up. And then later claims that he only said it to make me feel happy.. Over 9 months and every time we have an argument the dog issue surface... Now it got to a point that he's using it as an excuse saying cause I hurt him with the dog he hurts me 10 times more.. He failed to see I was getting sick cause of the dogs infections.. All he can think of is himself and the fact that he no longer have the dog at the house.
Is it right for him to keep bringing it up and to say he's hurting me 10x more than I hurt him?
Reply Wed 15 Apr, 2015 04:03 pm
frankly, that is precisely what turns people into becoming ex-bf and ex g/f. what are you waiting for? This behavior of his is not acceptable. Not only isn't he mature enough..but he is victimizing you. Stop the show!
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