craigslist horror

Reply Sun 3 May, 2015 10:40 am
I just watched a moment of Longmire at I was passing through the living room, and saw something interesting.

A girl was hitch hiking and a guy stops to pick her up. She takes a picture of him with her phone. He asked "What did you do that for?" She replies "So if you kill me they can find you."

So, if you think you're going into a place or situation where you'd like to be tracked to, you could take a picture of the location/address/street, the person, the cars plate, the car itself etc. Then text it to a friend letting them know where you are.

If I were going into a strangers house, I'd first take a picture of the outside of the house, and send it with the address to someone, then I'd take a picture of the person there and let them know I was sending it.
If someone did that to me, I'd think they were quite smart.

I mean, we take a picture of where we've parked are car in a crowded lot, or of items in a store, why not the location where we are?
Reply Sun 3 May, 2015 11:32 am
If whom ever you are meeting with takes this as proof of your paranoia your actions are likely to queer the deal in a way that is not in your favor. As always life choices are a trade off.
Reply Mon 4 May, 2015 06:57 am
This coming form a man who likes to tie women up and have sex with them, and whose children have both been sexually abused.

I guess your children are just a trade off for you. Perhaps they wish you had been a bit more "paranoid".
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