Fiance and I's families never let us visit the other's place. Should we move out?

Reply Mon 2 Mar, 2015 06:26 am
My mom and dad are both dating psychos who would kick me out for absolutely no reason. So I live with my 67 year-old grandparents who are extremely strict Christians. My grandma won't even let my fiance go in my room. And yet they want to charge me $200 a month. My boyfriend's parents had a big falling out with my parents who they wefe friends with since they were teenagers and as a result not only is my mother-in-law-to-be innately jealous of me but she is also super argumentative and they both ignore me to the point where now on my own accord I've decided not to visit or talk to them, I didn't even go over for Christmas. They're so two-faced and rude to me it's insane. So long story short I want to move out because we can afford it and we're visiting this brand new apartment, but the thing is we're Christians and we feel like it's wrong to live together before marriage. We're 22 and have been together 4 years and literally knew each other our entire lives and grew up together. I think he's afraid of his family's reaction because his parents seem very dependent on him emotionally. He seems to be the glue to their marriage to a certain degree and they definitely spoil him and don't want him to move, let alone with their enemies' daughter. I just can't take the drama with our families about us being together anymore. So this move was my idea. He agrees but he wants to pay for me to live there but not move in. The problem with thst would be he wouldn't have the money to help me because he would need money for gas to drive home to the next town where he lives at home now. I feel its right for us morally speaking to live together but I feel I can't take the stress anymore. If we do move it will be in a month (April 1st).

So what do you guys think? Smart or recipe for disaster?
Reply Mon 2 Mar, 2015 08:58 am
Get married. Then you won't have this nonsense of him commuting and maintaining your place in addition to dealing with his folks.

You can get married tomorrow, and have the party some other time.
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