my husband has horrible hygiene and I cant bring myself to be sexually attracted to him anymore.

Reply Wed 15 Aug, 2018 05:13 pm
Good one.
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Reply Tue 4 Sep, 2018 02:36 am
I was in a similar situation. When my husband returned home after 14-hour work, he smelt like... Of course, I didn't like it. When I started talking about it with him, he was irritated and didn't want to talk to me. We also faced a problem in bed because of this. When he noticed I didn't want to have sex anymore, he was surprised, but I was honest and explained him the real reason again. I should say, we agrued several times, but finally he understood me. Now he knows that he should take shower, brush teeth and shave before having sex with me. Personally I think that if he doesn't do this not only for himself, but also for me, he doesn't respect both of us. To sum it up, I wish you good luck, and my advice is to communicate again and again. If it doesn't work, visit a doctor.
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CosCom Love
Reply Tue 18 Sep, 2018 09:54 pm
There is nothing you can do about it. Just keep him.
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Reply Thu 4 Oct, 2018 12:16 pm
Sheesh! My relationship is also like that and what I usually do is instead of telling her directly (about how she smells and that she has some dirt on her teeth), I will tell it to her as a joke. Like, hey, have you brushed your teeth already? Have you changed your clothes? I think I smell something off here, I think it is your hair.. Eventually, she got conscious with herself and now she always want to go to salon, check his teeth and became vain.
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Reply Sat 2 Feb, 2019 06:08 am
My goodness!!
Have you ever thought of spoiling him .. creating a relaxing evening for him and getting his ass in the tub and scrubbing him down as his treat of course. Some tlc from his loving partner is always healthy.
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Reply Fri 8 Feb, 2019 06:26 am
please consult your doctor.
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