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Hi All, last year in September i started a master degree, due to some problem of health: mental(fears, panic attack) and physical, i abandoned it last year in February, i finished only one semester. The program was one year. It was a out of the country in a foreign university and many friends that i made at uni, i explained that's due to my health problems, but couldnt really explain what kind of problems because these are not really appropriate to talk about. Now i came back home, still having all the sensations and fears, but the feeling that i left the master undone is just devastating. I know its not right, to not finish things that u started, but at this point in time i am not sure if it was the degree that i wanted to follow. The most awkward and embarrassing thing is that when some friends ask you , what happened to your master degree how was it blah blah, and to some i say i finished it, its kind of unpleasant to say, well i didnt finish it because of some health problems, and they look at you like...what kind of health problems, and i dont really wonna go into details....Also one question was been bugging me, should i put it in the resume, this experience i had, or it will just stear some unnecessary questions. What do you guys think? have you been in this situation where u had to quit something, because of health issues(fear, panic attacks)?
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When people ask about your Masters degree, just say "It's a work in progress." No need to explain anyway.

On your resume, just list post grad classes you have completed that would be relevant to the job.

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