I thought we had a thing but now she has started avoiding me

Reply Mon 22 Sep, 2014 10:25 pm
She always used to text me and talk to me every day and I could really tell she liked me. She had this nickname that she called me called "bus buddy" even though we don't o on the same bus but she went on the same bus as me for about 2 days. She always used to walk past me when I'm hanging out with my friends. During the weekend I texted her to see if she wanted to go to the snow with me and my friends but she said she was already going away for the holidays so she told me to ask her best friend if she wanted to go because her friend has never been to the snow so I asked her friend and she said she was going to her grandparents for the weekend which is when we go to the snow. So at the end of the weekend I texted her to ask where she was going in the holidays just to start a conversation and she never replied. So after the weekend I came back to school and ever since she had been avoiding me, ignoring my texts, ignoring my facebook messages and not even saying hi to me at school anymore. Please help! I love her so much. I've never loved someone so much in my life. Now I go to school feeling depressed everyday and crying every day. Does anyone have any idea why she is doing this? And what can I do?
Reply Tue 23 Sep, 2014 05:38 am
She just wants to be friends. Now you've asked her out, and you're persisting, and it's creeping her out.
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Reply Tue 23 Sep, 2014 07:03 am
I love her so much.
You have no idea what love is. From the way I read your post, you hardly know this girl. You wrote that the two of you texted and talked every day. How long was that going on? I bet not very long.

crying every day.
Grow up and get over it.

Jespah hit the nail on the head. You asked her out, she turned you down. She is not interested. So stop obsessing over her. It is not good for you.
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Reply Tue 23 Sep, 2014 07:19 am
You should have taken the hint when she tried to pass you over to her friend . . .

Wrong time, wrong person,. Accept that.

This isn't "love" - you had a crush. Find another gall. They are all around you.
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