Looks for answers about my lymphoma/leukemia and lupus results

Reply Sun 17 Aug, 2014 11:21 am
I've been feeling very tired and run down for a long while. I am a 41yo female. Relatively healthy before this fatigue. Recently my hands and calves/feet have been swelling and I acquired a right calf DVT. Due to me not meeting any of the normal reasons for DVT and my overall sluggish feeling my dr referred me to Hematology Oncology where they did a nice work up.
My routine blood work ( lipids-complete metabolic panel-A1C-ESR-uric acid-LD) has all come back perfect. My PT-PTT is slightly elevated but I am on an anticoagulant. My DRVVT ( diluted Russell viper venom) came back extremely high.
He ran a lot of other tests for leukemia/lymphoma and lupus as well as immunofixation serum-urine IFE and protein electrophoresis serum-urine.
Most of my tests have come back looking good but my urine albumin is showing at 100% and my urine protein total is <4 and too low to even run a creatinine ratio. My CD markers are as follows:
-CD38 1
-CD64 1
-CD2 86
-CD3 81
-CD4 55
-CD5 81
-CD7 83
-CD8 23
-CD11C 11
-CD13 3
-CD19 6
-CD20 6
-CD23 9
-CD38 6
-CD45 83
-CD56-CD3 7
-CD117 1
-Kappa CD19- +3
-Lambada CD19- +3
- K/L ration. 1.00

I have an appointment in two weeks but I'm wondering if I should bump is closer. I work at the lab so I get my results quicker than he does.
Reply Sun 17 Aug, 2014 11:38 am
There is something immunological it seems. And it messing with the kidney, although not yet severe. Definitely move your appointment sooner. Do not waste time. Clinical evaluation is crucial for this types of diagnosis.

Move your appointment ASAP. I wouldn't wait to more than Tuesday.
Reply Sun 17 Aug, 2014 02:11 pm
Thanks for the input. I'll call him tomorrow and see if they can get me in sooner.
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