advice on meeting a guy I met online?

Reply Fri 25 Jul, 2014 01:37 pm
so, I met this guy on a social network and we've been messaging each other & video chatting on skype for a few weeks now. I'm starting to like this guy & he definitely likes me too. we have a lot in common & I feel really comfortable talking to him whenever we're skyping or messaging. we've shared some personal (not TOO personal) things with each other. like, he's shared that he has some anger issues & used to get into fights when he was younger, but he hasn't physically hurt a woman or anything like that; and I've shared with him that I've dealt with depression throughout my teen years, which is something we have in common. but, anyways, we both really want to meet each other really soon, so he's invited me to his house this weekend to just hang out, play video games, etc. he's not pressuring to come or anything. if I was uncomfortable about it, he said he'd understand, but he still expresses how much he really wants to meet. I'm considering it, though. I'm 17 and he's 19. he lives with parents, but I never asked if his parents would be home. but honestly, I would prefer if they weren't because I'm really awkward & uncomfortable when it comes to meeting people's family whether it's just a friend's family or the family of a guy I like. and I know people say that it's much smarter & safer to meet in a public place but we're both sort of hermits who don't really like to go out. besides, I'm much better with people when it's just me & that person one & one alone. anyways, he seems very laid back & genuine. he definitely doesn't seem like a crazy sex pervert or anything. he actually appears to be the opposite. so, should I go meet this guy? I'm already beginning to feel a connection & that this could lead to a future relationship and that's pretty rare for me.
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ronnie96 wrote:
I know people say that it's much smarter & safer to meet in a public place

Listen to them.

Your safety is more important than your social comfort level or his.

Meet in a coffee shop or someplace like that.

You don't have to sit with other people - you just have to meet where there are other people around.

Tell a friend or relative where you will be and when you will be home - and then be home at that time.
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My advice is for you only to meet in public, if you want to meet at all. I'd offer the same advice ...even if he didn't 'confess' to having had past anger issues. Frankly, once he confessed that tidbit, I'd have hung up.

Please do no not meet in any place except a public well-lit place. Have your phone handy and alert a close friend that you'll have them ready and on speed-dial until this public meeting is over.
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Most 19 year old males are quite aware of statutory rape laws and would avoid putting themselves alone in a vulnerable environment with a 17 year old girl.

That alone is reason enough to not go to his home, especially if there are no adults there.

Confine your meets to public places.
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