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I am a girl. I have noticed that I will not eat sometimes, and then other times I eat too much junk food and then don't eat the next meal or two. Do I have anorexia nervosa?
Also, I self harm. Where can I do it without people noticing? It's currently my thighs, but I feel like someone is going to notice.
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according to this doctor you are doing it right

Today we know better, or we think we do. Most of these girls and young women are not suicidal, and they don't want anybody to find out. They don't want to be discovered. That's why they wear long sleeves, so nobody will see their wrists; or, more often nowadays, they cut themselves on the upper inner thigh, where nobody will look
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I doubt that you've got an eating disorder. Lots of people, teens in particular, have kind of up and down diets. Is it bothering you? Does eating junk food make you sluggish, or not eating give you headaches, or anything like that? Then you can always change your behaviors.

As for cutting yourself, I'm sorry this is happening. There are all sorts of reasons that people cut. This site talks about them in a straightforward manner:
I particularly encourage you to read page 5, which talks about seeking help. You may not feel you need to right now, but I suggest that you at least keep it in your back pocket for later.

I wish you all the best.
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It is totally normal during adolescence to have irregular patterns of eating. It can even be episodical with phases of high apetite and periods of scarse meals. You give very few imformation so we can make an appropiate deduction, bt what you give it does not seems anorexia.

Now the cutting issue. Selfharm is also common, it can be expressed in many ways. Other teens do excesive exercise, others bige eating, others get in to fights. You must look into your self and look for your reason to do so. If you think you can be depressed (which is also common) maybe a small trial with conductual cognitive treatment can help you.

I remmeber seeing on Imgur a post of a girl that recived by her therapist the idea of painting herself insted of cutting. She ended up doing awesome and beautiful drawings on her skin, and then she uploaded them to imgur. She recived like 5 tousand upvotes in a couple of days. I think that what she did was brave and beautiful. I will see if i can find the post. There are always other options to self harm.
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