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I recently had an ectopic pregnancy that caused an emergency surgery. I had been experiencing cramping for days that steadily got worse and when I called my doctors office to get in to have it checked out I was told that it was non pregnancy related symptoms but could be seen hours later. I went in as directed in severe pain at this time. I waited until I was unable to wait any longer and my husband told the nurse at the desk that I needed to be seen right away. After getting into my room, I was instructed to gather my urine sample for testing. By this time I was vomiting repeatedly in my exam room and was unable to urinate for a positive pregnancy test. I had not had my first visit with my doctor yet and they had not confirmed this pregnancy. I was told that no treatment could be given until I was able to do so. After hours of trying to produce a sample, I had vomited at least 8 times and was unable to sit comfortably or keep water down. I finally told my husband to just take me home as I was in pain and very uncomfortable/irritated with my situation. He insisted on me going to the OBGYN er. Upon arrival, my information was taken and I was placed in a room on IV"s right away due to dehydration. Within 45 minutes, they had me in for an ultrasound finding that I had no fetus in my uterus but alot of fluid and an oversized fallopian tube. I was immediately taken back to my room and prepared for emergency surgery. I had my follow up appointment with the doctor that performed my surgery today because my OBGYN that accepted my insurance refused to see me for my follow up because he had not established care prior. After seeing the photos and the rupturing tube, I thought I should contact a lawyer to further discuss. As a result of the delayed response time at my original doctor's office, I have lost a fallopian tube because it was rupturing and I was bleeding internally. The doctor who performed my surgery stressed that it was a lifesaving surgery. Do I have a case?
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The question of whether you have a case is for a lawyer to determine. Someone who you visit and lay your cards on the table with.

Get a referral from the local bar association or a friend if you know someone who had a similar situation and was satisfied with their representation. You are looking for an attorney who specializes in medical malpractice. Yes, it is worth it to go.

Laws differ from state to state and country to country, and they can change over time. Even if you were to miraculously hit upon a lawyer in here (there are a few) who (1) brings plaintiffs' malpractice cases on a regular basis and (2) practices in your state, that person is still not necessarily up on the relevant case law. This is for your own protection - go to a lawyer and get a consultation (usually the initial ones are free), take any documentation you've got with you, and ask.
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Well if you want to sue someone it will depend completely on the laws of your state or country.

In my country there is a division between ER services, primary care services, and speciality services. The patient is free to decide where to attend, but always to his own decision. It is always strongly suggested that if you think you have a dangerous disease go and attend to a ER service. Wasting time in primary care or speciality services where there are always a scheduled appointments is not the phisician fault.

I think in Canada an other countries it works kind of similar.

If you want to sue blaming the lost of your fallopian tube is a lost cause. Even when performing the surgery as soon as the disease begun there are always great chances of loosing the tube. BTW it is also a difficult diagnosis that takes time because it can mimic many other diseases. So is very common to detect an ectopic pregnancy when the fallopian tube is beyond recovery.

Better follow Jespah´s advise.
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