Does she like me? What should I do?

Reply Mon 26 May, 2014 04:54 pm
This is what has happened between me and this girl, Becky in the last two weeks.

1) I see her alot more now. (we have the same spare period) but we hang out alot now.

2) She's dressing better than usual ever since we started flirting (doesn't wear makeup which I like but has done her nails)

3) She's usually the type of girl who hates physical contact even with her own friends yet she doesn't mind me half wrapping my arms around her ( I put my arms around both her shoulders to reach her phone...I was also sweaty at the time lol) or bumping one another when we're on a bench

4) She waves hi to me from across the street before I even notice her. (happened once)

5) She offers me a part of her cookie (yum)

6) She told a friend of hers that she was going out to dinner with me as a joke

7) We snapchat ALOT

8) She admits regretting her decision for saying no to me when I asked her to prom on at least two or three occasions.

9) She laughs at the stupidest jokes I make...

Are we friends, or is there potential for something more?

All frank answers are appreciated!

Our prom is coming up but we are going with different dates...we both have told each other that we aren't exactly fond of them lol and we also confessed that we should have gone together so if I'm going to do anything, it's going to be after prom, in courtesy of my date!

So we had spare and basically how it started out was we bumped into each other in the first few minutes and we went to the library to see if any of our friends were there. We bumped into one who said she had to study in the cuticles and she told Caitlin and i to come sit with her. Caitlin turned to me and said. "ugh are we staying?" I shrugged and went "up to you." Caitlin said she didn't want to work on school work but if I did, she said "I guess I'd have to as well..."

we ended up just walking out of the library and talking about her trip on the weekend. We ended up meeeting up with the rest of the group and we helped ship in the new yrbooks. She teased me a couple times about how I had no muscle and that she was more buff than me! Razz

I told her later on that I downloaded the song that she let me listen to the day I was down and I guess I should have shared an earphone with her but I didn't. She told me that that song makes her smile and happy. I told her that she was always happy and that I had never seen her sad. Today I saw just how uncomfortable she was with hugs. One of the the girls (her friend) hugged her and she visibly looked uncomfrtable with it...which she never has done with me...probably because I never had tried to actively hug her?

2) I guess overall, we didn't do that much physically flirting and it was slower today I guess...is this bad? Are we starting to just become friends now? Unlike Kate, Caitlin isn't a party girl and isn't the flirtatous type AT ALL.


Reply Mon 26 May, 2014 05:11 pm
So ask her out. And she might say yes. Or no.

You will not necessarily know the answer to your question before you ask it. That's why people ask questions.

PS Make it clear that it's for after Prom.
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Reply Tue 27 May, 2014 01:47 am
IF SHE like you then you must make u self more handsome and go with her on a date
bobsal u1553115
Reply Tue 27 May, 2014 06:33 am
Spam much?
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Reply Wed 2 Jul, 2014 12:21 am
I think she like you.
I don't think if it just a friend, but something different. she talked about you on her friends.
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