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Reply Fri 25 Apr, 2014 07:17 am
I am a selfish bitch and she knows that! I am not sure actually WHY I did come here ?? Guess I was hoping for another woman that is bi to talk to about all of this.... Yes sex is a choice and being BI sexual is NOT a choice!! I wish it was!!!! Your right....guess I should not have got married!!!! Its not actually a LEGAL marriage anyway......we are in KS and its not legal......but that is besides the point!!
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we are in KS and its not legal
Well, what is your problem then? You are not legally married, so go screw anyone you want. Dang, that seems to be the answer you want to hear, so great. Go do it. Your lover has no say over what you choose to do.

You act like being BI gives you special rights to be unfaithful to someone you have committed to. The urge to have sex in everyone is basically the same. For me, that urge is toward other women. For you, it is toward men and women (assuming you were born that way, which I do not concede but won't argue here since it has no bearing on anything.) Your "desire" or "attraction" to have sex with a man even though you are married is no different than my "desire" or "attraction" to have sex with another woman.
When you commit to ONE person, you control that desire and choose not to screw someone else, because you LOVE the person you have committed to.

Now, if your spouse (who isn't a spouse because you are not married) doesn't care if you sleep around with men, then go for it. That is between the two of you and nobody here could care less. But, if you want to be in a committed relationship, then why would you CHOOSE to hurt someone you love enough to want to be committed to by going outside your relationship for sex.
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You seem to be looking for validation of cheating on your partner.

Talk to her. Tell her you need to be in an open relationship as you find it too difficult to be faithful to her.

Find another partner - and tell them at the beginning of the relationship that you do not have the ability or desire to be faithful to one person.

Be honest about it.
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You need to be in a polyamorous situation as opposed to a monogamous relationship. It sounds like your partner in this cause was appealing to YOUR sexual appetites because a lot of times that is what mates do. I mean, just a shot in the dark but I think in the case of your partner either:

A) She participated in threesomes due to some temporary bi-curiousity of hers


B) Did it because she knew you also enjoyed being with men.

You may want to talk to her about your feelings if you haven't do so already because if she has no vested interest in men--in addition to your relationship (as in full-time lesbian relationship) then you may want to find someone that can entertain those feelings!

BTW if she only wants to be with you which is what married couples do then your relationship is no longer a bi-sexual one, I again with full emphasis say that you need to find someone that can entertain that side of you because at the end of the day one of you is going to get hurt.
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