A question on male homosexuality

Reply Sun 9 Mar, 2014 12:27 pm
So to start with I just want to say, I'm not a homophobe, I'm actually a bisexual female. However, there are some things about male homosexuality that I don't understand. Regarding relationships, how do you decide who is 'on top'? Does it switch around? and does the person on the bottom actually experience any pleasure from sexual encounters? I mean, I just don't think that it would be a pleasant experience... I apologize for the crude question.
Reply Sun 9 Mar, 2014 03:33 pm
I think the way it works is the 2 guys draw straws, and whoever gets the short one has to pick a slip out paper out of an empty Russell Stover box.

If he picks a picture of the bunny, chimney sweep or braised endive, he has to be the top.

If he picks the double helix, he can switch off if he wants, but he has to load the dishwasher 3 weeks out of the month.
Reply Mon 10 Mar, 2014 10:28 am
Ok, before I answer, I just want to say I'm not a homophobe. I'm actually a heterosexual male. So there are a lot of things about homosexuality that I don't understand. But I guess they decide who is 'on top' the same way you and your female partners decide and the same way my wife and I decide. (We wrestle for it. Isn't that how you decide? Sometimes we draw straws. But every now and then, when the wrestling ends in a draw, we simply do it side by side, with neither of us on top.)

As for your other question about experiencing pleasure, I'm guessing it must be pleasurable, since most people are not going to keep doing something that is not pleasurable for them.

I apologize for my crude responses.
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Reply Mon 10 Mar, 2014 11:49 am
"On Top" for what? Anal sex?

I just heard stats the other day saying that anal sex for homosexuals is the same percentage rate as heterosexual sex - about 60%.

I image that it's oral sex that's the norm. And that's quite popular for heterosexuals, too.
Reply Mon 10 Mar, 2014 08:08 pm
I need to clarify - 60% of homosexuals do not take part in anal sex as a part of their lovemaking.

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Reply Tue 18 Mar, 2014 10:44 pm
Male homosexuality is viewed as emasculating because there is no dominance in the picture. Male sexuality and masculinity is focused on power, having power, and getting power. What better way to somehow acquire power than using the female body to get it? So, when men are with men sexually and emotionally, it's a direct slap in the face of masculinity that you CAN be a man, but you don't need a woman to prove it.
Reply Wed 19 Mar, 2014 06:55 am
Nazia, you don't know very much about men... or about sex.
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One Eyed Mind
Reply Mon 6 Oct, 2014 05:51 am
A homosexual male is no longer a male, but a simulated female. You know how the human being can act roles in a play and pretend to be other people and things, correct? Changing your mindset to a female spectrum also alternates your testosterone and estrogen levels, which means your body will have female characteristics more than male characteristics. I can prove this by demonstrating that homosexual "males" can communicate with women better than any man. How is that possible? Females and males are scientifically on different frequencies. Homosexuality is actually very interesting because it proves that the human brain can evolve or change into different frequencies and states with the change of your thoughts, interests, influences and ambitions. The same applies to the "female" homosexuality.
Reply Mon 6 Oct, 2014 02:59 pm
@One Eyed Mind,
So I can think myself into being gay?
One Eyed Mind
Reply Mon 6 Oct, 2014 03:04 pm
You can think yourself into anything, to be honest.
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Reply Mon 6 Oct, 2014 03:06 pm
"If he picks a picture of the bunny, chimney sweep or braised endive, he has to be the top....."

You wait 'til I get my hands on Quentin. He told me that the braised endive meant that I had to sit on top of the wardrobe in a Sou'Wester, splashing water over him whilst flicking the light switch on and off and shouting "LAND - HO!"

I secretly think he has a trawlerman fetish.
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