Winston Churchill. War criminal. Eugenicist. Traitor.

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AS I said, Churchill sent the troops into striking miners communities. Fixed bayonets and bullying, and an eventual deal made by Lloyd George ensured that no-one got killed or "thrashed" as Winston would have had it.

Also under Churchill, in Lannelli a retired colonel from the regiment that shot dead two unarmed men during a railway strike insists that the troops were right to open fire. John Lowles, who served with the Worcestershire Regiment in Kenya during the Mau Mau rebellion of the 1950s, said the soldiers had been carrying out orders to ensure that trains could pass through the town’s station. The riot act had been read out, 60 seconds counted, and shots fired.

Also under Churchill, the British Army and Security forces went into Croke Park where Dublin football team were playing Tipperary in a Gaelic football match. They shot dead 12 people including two boys.. 2 more were trampled to death in the panic. An inquiry was held and the Major General in charge said that “the firing on the crowd was carried out without orders, was indiscriminate and unjustifiable”
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