Schizophrenia (2 Questions)

Reply Wed 20 Nov, 2013 03:29 am
1. Do people who are, in their adult life, diagnosed with schizophrenia often, in their childhood/adolescence, get diagnosed with bipolar/mood disorders? I wonder if there is a link; I know they're on a similar spectrum, but I wonder how closely related they might actually be.

2. I know that (supposedly, though nothing is impossible) schizophrenics can't understand that they have schizophrenia; I believe this is referred to as anosognosia. I wonder something else here. If a person had an outstanding knowledge in psychology (say, a PhD), would it be so inconceivable that they could see all of the early signs and, in turn, diagnose his/herself with schizophrenia-- that is, before the official onset? That question, in and of itself, sounds a little odd, but I'm not sure that it's impossible.
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Reply Wed 20 Nov, 2013 12:33 pm
As I understand it, schizophrenia strikes people from age 17 - 30. Bi-polar is not schizophrenia. Both are brain disorders, and can be treated with drugs.

I suppose that knowledge of oneself could bring one to self - diagnosis, but only with education and a clear mind. Who is really self-aware, anyway?

There is a group called SA (Schizophrenia Anonymous) where people who admit that they have schizophrenia can develop coping skills and learn self-help techniques. They use a six-step program, much like AA. Once denial is confronted, medication, therapy, and self-help groups can help.

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Reply Thu 21 Nov, 2013 03:16 am
Most schizophrenics realize they have schizophrenia, unless they have fallen so far into the depths of psychosis (which does happen.) Search "HBO Bob Schizophrenia" in YouTube to see part of 3 part series on schizo. Bob has schiz. severely, yet says he still knows he's "sick." However, one of my friends has schizophrenia, and he takes medication & has a full-time job. However, the disease has drastically effected his life. The medication in no way cures schizophrenia, but it does stop the positive symptoms, but not the negative symptoms. However, for many schizophrenics, the medication does not work, and they cannot function properly in society.
Reply Thu 21 Nov, 2013 03:18 am
Sorry, I started 3 sentences with however. Starting too many sentences with However is a sign of extreme mental and emotional disturbance.
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