the friends you are drawn to...

Reply Mon 3 May, 2004 07:25 pm
i like to keep my friends imaginary
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L R R Hood
Reply Tue 4 May, 2004 05:43 am
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Reply Sun 9 May, 2004 07:19 am
Re: the friends you are drawn to...
L.R.R.Hood wrote:
I've had trouble with some of the friends I've made over the past 10 yrs... to the point that I had to remove myself from the friendship, which wasn't easy. I tried to figure out why I'm a magnet for such horrible friends (trust me, they were horrible).

I am drawn to people who are individuals. The trouble is, a lot of people who are individuals (stand out from those around them, don't follow the herd) have a problem with authority, for various reasons.

The individualistic friends I still have are
-doctor (just finished her residency and boards)
-a woman in law school, with 2 kids
-a record producer, small label Smile
-an IT administrator, and new father
-a website designer

The individualistic friends I had to get away from...
-ex-stripper on drugs living off some guy she met on the net
-30 yr old pot addict living with his parents
-lesbian who has no respect for straight people, and doesn't understand why 'society hates her'
-39 yr old who is cheating her way through a bachealor's degree in chemistry

Big difference, eh?

So what kind of friends are YOU drawn to, and how has it worked out?
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Reply Sun 9 May, 2004 07:36 am
Hood,I seem to be drawn to people that will stab me in the back.My wife left me for another man(good riddance).My best bud(cousin) is now best buds with my exe wifes new lover.They all say I need to get over it,well I am over it,but I cannot retain my dignity by being friends with these types of people
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