NJ Governor to Sign Ban on Gay Conversion Therapy? Should Gay Conversion Therapy Be Banned Nationwid

Reply Thu 22 Aug, 2013 07:26 am
@David Jeffrey Spetch,
But let's examine your original statements for the logical errors.


People are born with sexual defects.
You have provided no evidence that homosexuality is a sexual defect. You just state it is such and expect us to believe it because you stated as much.
Your entire argument after that is based on a premise that isn't true.

Let me give you an example :

David Jeffrey Spetch beats his wife. Because he beats his wife he should either be in jail or be in therapy. His wife should take any children and leave him.

No one could argue that the conclusions I reach are not correct if the original statement is true but those conclusions concern a specious statement for which there is no supporting evidence. You have done the same thing. You start from an unsupported statement and then attempt to poison any defense by making a slippery slope argument about the race dying off.

You failed at your Ps. You weren't good. Your argument was logically invalid. You weren't strong. You made demeaning statements about others.

Does that explain your idiocy? I bet you still won't get it because you have convinced yourself you are so right that you can't see you have no evidence. That is why I see no reason to argue with you.
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