On Alternative Cancer Programs

Wed 2 Sep, 2009 12:05 pm
I will come back later to give a list of what I have used and and am using. I will evaluate many of the products.
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Wed 2 Sep, 2009 07:07 pm
1. In the Beginning

When first I became aware of my health problems, I was fifty. This month, I will turn 67. I had no idea what constituted alternative medicine. My first thoughts went to nutrition. I ate totally vegetarian for four to six months. Then I found Fisher’s book, How to Fight Cancer and Win. I went to my own variation of Johanna Budwig’s flax oil diet. Where the identical to the menu items were unavailable, I substituted foods that seemed to be in tune with her intent, rightly or wrongly. I read here and there that American cottage cheese was no good for the program, after a few years of eating it. My use of cottage cheese and flax oil continued, but I began eating a wider variety of foods. It has been written somewhere that if one starts Budwig’s diet, it had better be followed for a full five years, whether it is working or not. Otherwise, no other cures have a chance to work and eventually you die. True or not, I don’t know. I continued with the oil/cottage cheese for at least five years.

Before I started any changes in my diet and lifestyle, I drank beer and smoked, both to extremes. My diet consisted mainly of lots of meat, such as ground beef, and canned vegetables. I was grossly overweight. I had bloody stools and symptoms of skin cancer. I suspected I might be having prostate problems, because I had to take saw palmetto to urinate freely. About this time, my upper colon developed a bleeding soreness.

Before I started Budwig’s diet, I knew from Fisher’s book that the diet had no effect on skin cancer. But, the diet did halt the bloody stools, the first week.

2. The Internet and Alpha-Omega

Then I got a computer. I discovered Curaderm, which originates in Australia, and utilizes a compound from a plant some call the devil’s apple.

My diet was as omnivorous and wide ranging as I could make it. I took vitamin and mineral supplements the whole time.

The Curaderm works well for small patches of skin cancer. But, for one with as much as I had, it was a waste of time. One day I discovered Cansema, the Alpha-Omega site. I began using the black salve right away, to great effect. Then I bought Alpha-Omega’s Tonic I. Within a few days, the tonic had caused all my skin in front, from under the left ear, to below the navel, to swell tremendously and to itch like mad. I kept applying the black salve to lesions. When the Tonic I ran out, I ordered Tonic II, because tonic one had made me a bit nauseous. Mistake. Right in the midst of the whole skin swelling episode, it was a switch to a less effective tonic and the swelling passed. I will never know how it might have gone, had I bought Tonic I. For, then I decided to use Tonic I again, but that is when Alpha-Omega was shut down and their entire stock of products confiscated. They went out of business for five years.

3. For over Five Years

There were other black salves on the market, but no Cansema Tonics. Can-X was as effective as Cansema, just a bit more harsh. But they too were shut down. So I made do with various salves from different web sites. Some were good, some sucked. I bought from Rising Sun and was given fake goods. In the five year period, my skin cancer was controlled but not eradicated. I did not take it to a doctor, because it was inside my ears, behind the ear drums even, and I would never have allowed surgery, chemo, or whatever there anyway. Besides, the upper colon was acting up again and bleeding from time to time.

I tried different cancer remedies half heartedly. Fasted once for a bunch of weeks, but was not getting anywhere.

Once the upper colon bled so badly, I finally concluded that the doctor was my only resort. Then, a friend gave me some Nexium and it made the soreness and the bleeding go away.

I discovered Two Feathers Healing Salve and began ingesting it and using it on my skin. I went through the whole program, with one for sure success to claim out of it. The cancer had appeared in the white of my left eye. I put the salve on the edge of the eye socket (on the skin, not in the eye). The salve drew the cancer out.

4. Hydrogen Peroxide, MMS

I viewed a video touting Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. Began with three drops on day one, mixed with distilled water, progressed daily to a bunch of drops - forgot how many - then took the maximum for a number of weeks before tapering off. Cancer cured, possibly.

Well, within two weeks the pressure from the cancer, or whatever anyone wants to call it, behind the ears, was gone to so far not return. But after that, I could not measure any real progress.

I had a pressure wrapped around my right eyeball that the treatment did not touch.

After the program had time to run its course, the publisher of the ebook that had got me started on the program mailed me a letter, suggesting another book on what to do when the hydrogen peroxide treatment fails - at a good price. I felt that they ought to have included that info in the original book and so cut off doing business with them.

Next, I began the MMS program. When I reached the fifteen drop part of the program, my body would not accept that for a long time. By the time I was able to withstand that many drops, I became tired of the program and dropped out. I still have half a bottle of MMS in the refrigerator.

5. Cansema Returns

When Alpha-Omega Labs first reopened, in South America, no United States customers were permitted. Now, they are almost in full swing, as from the old days, and I am back to buying from them, in Texas.

I started back with the black salve and a bottle of Tonic. They combined the properties of Tonics I & 2 and it is called Tonic III. By the time I finished the first bottle, the pressure wrapped around my right eye vanished, and I could see better, marginally. After taking it for a few weeks, all the hidden patches of cancer on the skin began popping out in welts and lesions. The black salve was ready.

Then I added the organ specific capsules they have. I use the colorectal formula regularly and rotate the other kinds, three bottles at a time - liver, lungs, brain, etcetera.

Then, three days ago, I added, from Alpha-Omega, H3O.

It is too soon to offer an opinion of H3O, but it is also used topically. The spots made sore by the salve are reacting wonderfully to its healing properties.

6. Other Considerations

I tried the apricot kernel thing, but it required fresh sprouts daily, which I could not get coordinated with, so dropped them.

I also ingest one teaspoon daily of a cooked together mix of non- aluminum baking soda and organic maple syrup. The theory behind it being, the cancer loves sweets, so the syrup gets the baking soda inside the cancer, where it begins to wreak havoc on the cancer cells.

I eat organic when possible and have quit eating sugar, fruits, corn and the like. I eat as wide a variety of food as I can manage. Plenty of veggies, seeds and nuts.

Supplements: I take a multi vitamin daily, plus extra magnesium, coral calcium, vitamin C, fish oil, saw palmetto, garlic.

7. Conclusion

I have no noticeable symptoms of illness other than the patches of skin cancer. And they are not so bad now. But, it is my opinion that one should never declare victory and then stop the fighting. I plan to keep this up until the time I lose the power to control my own destiny.

I cannot stress too strongly that no doctor has ever diagnosed my situation. I have done it all on my own, for good or ill. There are many ways to achieve good health. What works for me may not work for you.

Wed 2 Sep, 2009 09:00 pm
I neglected to mention that I followed much of Hulda Clark's protocol as I was moving away from Budwig. The parasite program, the zapper, the kidney and liver cleanses, lugol's iodine.

I believe that most of the things I tried helped in some small way. Some only slowing it down, others accomplishing much more.
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Wed 2 Sep, 2009 10:28 pm
edgarblythe wrote:
I cannot stress too strongly that no doctor has ever diagnosed my situation.

Then how do you know it's skin cancer?
Thu 3 Sep, 2009 04:44 am
I compared mine with the photos and written descriptions on medical sites. The mole like growth, which was dark, with a white ring around its base, the itchy little kernel thing under the surface of the skin - Basel cell. Plus, the black salve does not do anything to non cancerous skin, except to make it red for a few days.
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Sun 6 Sep, 2009 11:23 am
I mentioned using H3O. If you study the picture of the man on the Alpha-Omega H3O page, if you tear your eyes away from the portions of the picture depicting his fight with melanoma, you may notice that in the early pictures, his hair is silver. But, after months of using H3O, his hair has reverted to the original blonde. In my case, after one week of ingesting it, I have noticed a smattering of very dark strands among my grey hairs. I may soon be dark haired again. Too bad that stuff doesn't cure baldness.
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Wed 9 Sep, 2009 12:03 pm
In Memory of Hulda Clark

by David P. Amrein
Dr. Clark passed away last Thursday, 3 September, as a result of complications from a spinal cord injury.

The first time I heard of Dr. Hulda Clark was in 1995, when I came across her book about cancer. This sparked my interest and gave my whole life a new perspective. I met Dr. Clark personally in the summer of 1996. She immediately came across as an energetic woman whose only interest is her work and her patients. Dr. Clark would work every minute that she did not spend with her grandchildren, either at the clinic or doing more research at home.

What amazed me about Dr. Clark was her complete disinterest in material things. Often enough I was a bit worried when I saw her driving around in her old clunker. She just had no needs that went beyond just the basic needs. That mindset led Dr. Clark to share her research freely with the whole world. Except for the books themselves, Dr. Clark never had any commercial interests, but published her findings in her books for everyone to use. She even allowed anyone to freely make copies of her books, if they were not sold. I remember a time when someone illegally published one of her books in Mexico and when she was asked if she did not want to do something about that, she said: “oh well, at least the public can read my books”.

Dr. Clark’s interest in her research became apparent the many times I saw her speak in public. Even to audiences who had little knowledge of her findings, she would prefer to speak about her latest research, rather than give a general overview. Her research took her down many avenues: she can be called a true pioneer in a number of areas. Her frequency approach to cancer was unique, but in the last couple of years low intensity electric field treatments for cancer have been rather well studied and shown to work. Though parasites were an issue in holistic medicine among the bio-resonance testers especially, it was Dr. Clark who made this a major topic starting with the publication of her first book in 1993. She also focused on the importance of dental health, as well as environmental factors. Those topics had already been recognized as important in holistic medicine, but her major contribution was the proposition of a complete protocol that included all the important factors, namely environmental factors, dental health, nutrition, herbal approaches and cleansing, and frequencies.

Dr. Clark has not only given my life a new slant, but has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands around the globe who have been able to help themselves with the knowledge that she has brought forth. Dr. Clark has suffered severe attacks from adversaries and Government and has nevertheless carried on, for the benefit of health and mankind. I feel that the world loses a great find, and so do I. We are thankful for Dr. Clark’s dedication and contribution and she will always be in our hearts. Thank you, Dr. Clark, for everything!

We will continue our efforts in her spirit and keep bringing her wisdom to the world.

According to her wishes, Dr. Clark will be cremated and her ashes given to the Pacific Ocean, which she so loved, in a private ceremony.

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Thu 10 Sep, 2009 07:28 pm
William70 wrote:

Hello Edgar please can you list all your remedies please

I think i listed mine in an earlier post only thing that i have changed is im trying the Vitamin C bowel tolerance at the moment im up to 24 grams a day so far with no sign of the diarrhea when you hit saturation..

While I do not make a practice of recommending products to others, I have to tell you: H3O is one item that every sick person should be taking. It is cheap, too. For about $15 one can have 8 gallons. One daily dose is two ounces. I began taking it just a few weeks ago, and my endurance and energy are growing. The soreness in my arms has lessened significantly. As a topical application, it has shortened the healing on my skin by more than half. (Also, it eliminates a need for colloidal silver). My wife began taking it today.
Wed 30 Sep, 2009 04:18 pm
william70, I neglected to mention I have added pancreatic enzymes to what I use.
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Sun 4 Oct, 2009 08:41 am
Dear Friends,

I have often been asked the question, "What makes Two Feathers Healing Formula different than other black salves?"

The formula I have represented for the last twenty two years is still manufactured by the same Native American family that has made the formula for over a hundred years. It contains seventeen herbs that are blended, in perfect harmony, in an age old fashion using a curing technique. These herbs and method of formulation make the compound safe to use internally, where 80% of the healing takes place, and can be applied topically, safely. The other black salves on the market today come from another tribe and was called Indian mud for many years. This Indian mud formula contains Bloodroot, which is an herb that should never be taken internally, it is known among Native Americans, myself included, as a toxic herb and dangerous to the Liver. The Indian mud formula was meant to be used topically, only. But the sites that sell this formula have never stated this important fact. The need to make money, for some people, overrides common sense and morally corrupts their spirit. One such example is a site I found that had copied all my written material and uses my writings to sell this toxic bloodroot formula. Be very wary of people of this nature, they are the shame of society.

I pray daily for God's Healing and Blessing over this Great Nation


Robert Roy
Two Feathers

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Sun 11 Oct, 2009 11:54 am
From Alpha-Omega Labs website:

Because Cansema® has been in use since we created it in 1991 and we are the holder of the U.S. trademark, we sent polite letters to various violators to cease and desist in using our web pages, copyrighted material, and trademarks.
Our pleas have been ignored.
The most serious aspect of these violations is that the imitations don't work as well, if they work at all. They are not the original product. For a period of four years, we attempted to work with the FDA to put a stop to the fraud. We even sent them a small sampling of the hundreds of complaint letters we received.
They did nothing.
Because of the adulteration and misbranding involved in the McAdams operation -- whose primary sites are Bloodroot Products.com and RisingSun Health.com -- we can only assume that this is an FDA renegade operation is to permit, foster, and protect illegal product. By working less effectively, they will hopefully convince people that alternatives are inferior to mainstream pharmaceuticals. This would make perfectly good sense and is consistent with their overall modus operandi, as documented in numerous books by Lynne McTaggart, Leonard Horowitz, John Abramson, Joseph Mercola, John Morgenthaler -- to name just a few.
Please see our Compensation for Fake Product page if you have purchased product from the following or any other companies illegally using our trademarks, Cansema®, CanSupport (TM), Alpha Omega Labs (TM), or our domain names: altcancer.com (TM), herbhealers.com (TM), or alphaomegalabs.com (TM).

Jennifer Wilson (Australia)
George S. Ackerson
(FDA informant)

Thu 15 Oct, 2009 12:42 pm
Hi Edgar i think i spoke about this earlier in a previous post i was conned by rising sun but alpha omega were true to their word and sent me cansema tonic at a massive discount and i am still using it 6 months later...
Thu 15 Oct, 2009 01:07 pm
Good, william. Please keep us posted on your progress.
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Mon 19 Oct, 2009 03:22 pm
Greg Caton, Alpha-Omega Labs

For nearly thirty years I have worked in the alternative health and nutrition business -- selling nutritional supplements in the 1970's; founding Richland Foods, which sold meat analogs (1981) and later Consumer Express (1984), an MLM company which was to go through several incarnations after I left in 1987 (i.e. Nutrition Express, Nutrition for Life International -- and now, if I believe what I read on the internet, Vitamark); starting Lumen Foods (soybean.com) in 1986 . . . [bio]
So . . . I've been around the block a time or two.
I even wrote a book in 1991 concerning fraud and deceit in the MLM industry -- which contained hundreds of provable references and the results of a lie detector test I book as part of the book's publication.
Despite a victorious ruling in Louisiana, wherein the presiding judge declared from the bench, "It's not the duty of the court to put a bandaid on anyone's mouth" -- the hail of lawsuits which the book's publication elicited, primarily from former business associates, motivated a Texas judge to ban the book completely in 1996 . . . (Are you listening yet? . . . those of you who still believe that the court system in the U.S. still respects the First Amendment?)
In 1990 I founded what was to become the forerunner of Alpha Omega Labs -- a direct sales company named Lifeline Sciences, Inc. Though that company was short-lived -- Cathryn and I came back and created Alpha Omega Labs in 1993 and, as early adaptors who saw the potential of the internet, put AO online in the fall of 1995 under the domain, altcancer.com -- still used to this day.

The reason I even mention these historic tidbits isn't because there is anything particularly impressive about my resume -- quite the contrary . . .
I mention them because they say something about deeper truths that bubble up with occasion and threaten the coziness of our common narrative. Just last month, I leaked -- for the first time publicly -- a few of the elements of my criminal case in the U.S. and now, despite my revulsion at having to revisit this issue, I find myself compelled to add yet another chapter to the ongoing saga that is Cansema. . . its government-assisted theft, the self-serving elements that work to corrupt its legacy, and the deep involvement of those who claim to be acting on what is best for the alternative health care industry.

In mid-August of this year, I received an unsolicited email from Australian author, Elaine Hollingsworth. Though I had never heard of her work before, she sounded genuine. She has a website called DoctorsAreDangerous.com [ 1 ] and appears to be motivated by the fact that Big Pharma's latest solution to skin cancer, Aldara®, reportedly ruined her health.
I felt at the time -- and still do -- that her story is authentic, and that her message is important and timely. Though not as well known as Lynne McTaggart -- all of whose books I have read, her position is similar concerning the overwhelming corruption that is modern medicine. On this basis alone I had no problem agreeing to her request to provide video input -- to be used as cameos -- for her latest project, a documentary film ( . . . actually, it's not a documentary, but we'll get to that) about Cansema and the many people in Australia that it has cured of cancer.
After we had submitted video material, Cathryn and I made a request to see the script, or a transcript, or anything else that would indicate how our material would be used . . . after all, we couldn't possible sign a Release unless we knew these things in advance. It can, of course, be argued that I should have done this to begin with, but with my frequent trips to the Amazon jungle and Andean mountains, I failed to perform the due diligence that would otherwise be advised in this circumstance -- so in this respect, I can blame no one but myself.
Things began to unravel when, on carefully reading objectionable clauses in her Release, I began to look more carefully at her connection to health.centreforce.com --- which, in the very same manner as RisingSunHealth.com and BloodrootProducts.com has freely copied our copyrighted materials and even used the name Cansema -- our registered trademark -- for years.
We had demurred adding health.centreforce.com to our list of counterfeit product, not because it wasn't using our materials without our permission, but because we have not received evidence about their ingredients being adulterated or the products mislabelled, as we have in the case of bloodrootproducts.com and others. In fact, it may well be that "centreforce" is making something quite close to Cansema®, since we have, for many years now, told the public of its content and history.
A week after we sent a polite letter requesting the return of our video property, we received word that she was too busy to respond, followed by a letter stating that our materials had probably been trashed, on the premise that our video material wasn't up to par (which is undoubtedly true, since we have no talent in this area).
However, the real crux of this true story is of much greater importance: that even those, who, on the surface, appear to represent the best interests of the alternative health care field, have lost their moral compass. The idea of using video of people who have used Cansema® from Alpha Omega Labs and claiming or inferring that this product came from another supplier doesn't appear to pose a problem. This letter is an informal, public announcement of our complete disavowal of anything that Elaine Hollingsworth or Troy Jones may be producing concerning myself, Cansema®, or Alpha Omega Labs.
Unfortunately we live in a time where the presence of money makes the end justify the means . . . which leads us to yet another Camsema® outrage . . .

Just prior to returning to prison on bogus FDA charges (a issue discussed in the Footnotes of last month's Ashwin), we were approached by two civil contractors, Burt & Timothy Hampton of Magnolia, Arkansas -- which was roughly a six hour drive from my office in Lake Charles.
The Hamptons had heard of my legal problems, and at the time -- not knowing if I was even going to make it through the DOJ meat grinder dead or alive -- I was concerned with the preservation of the knowledge I had accumulated. I discussed how escharotics are made and explained the history of its suppression to the Hamptons. We made an agreement that involved my sharing of information in exchange for shared profits from whatever products resulted. The agreement, however, was that they do not sell product inside the U.S., nor use the name "Cansema" -- as this would be a gross violation of my probation agreement.
The Hamptons reneged on all counts and we never saw a penny.
But that is a small, trivial thing compared to continued use of our copyrighted materials and trademark, and -- to this day -- we have to deal with customers who call us, complaining about this fraud. They thought they were purchasing Cansema® from its original producer -- in fact, the Hamptons' byline for their company is "The Original Cancer Cream" company.
It isn't the original.
And it isn't Cansema®
It's just fraud -- just as much as Elaine Hollingsworth's plan to copy Toby McAdam's modus operandi and use testimonials from our customers and represent that they were the result of a competitor's product.
Customers must be proactive in sharing the outrage of these tactics -- much of it, as previously reported and documented, the result of support by the FDA to have substandard product distributed.
For the record, we don't discourage competition. It's a healthy thing. We only ask that people not copy our company name, our personal names, our web pages, our artwork, our products' trademarks and pretend that they are us or that their products come from us when they clearly don't . . . we ask that people not pilfer testimonials and testimonial photographs -- which is correspondence we make available to the public (with permission), and then defraud the public by using them to sell products that have nothing to do with us . . . . these are not unreasonable requests. In a less corrupt time in Western culture, governments existed to enforce intellectual property laws -- now they will assist in the theft if there's money in the kitty.
Proactivism on the part of end users is the only hope that this kind of deceit will ever be curbed. Our Compensation for Fake Product program will help . . . but it is only a start.
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Tue 20 Oct, 2009 12:56 pm
Suzanne Somers has written a new book on cancer, based on interviews with cancer doctors, I believe. I have not yet bought a copy.
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Tue 27 Oct, 2009 11:43 am
Hi Edgar i have now added HRx Hydroxide Concentrate to my daily remedies. This is quite like the H3O you spoke about..
Tue 27 Oct, 2009 12:09 pm
I will read up on it. Thanks for letting us know.
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Tue 27 Oct, 2009 12:21 pm
HRx is totally new, as far as I can tell. And, yes, I should be taking it instead of H3O for my condition. My wife and dog can stay with it, however. Dang. My hair was more than halfway back to the original color. Now it will probably re-whiten.
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Tue 27 Oct, 2009 05:06 pm
I just sent this email to Alpha-Omega Labs:
I am a very happy H3O customer. Because I have cancer, I want to also take HRx. Would I have to give up H3O to use HRx?
Wed 28 Oct, 2009 04:47 am
A closer reading of the product description answers the question for me:

The companion to our H3O Concentrate, the HRx Hydroxide Concentrate draws from the same proprietary technology, only it carries entirely different uses. Whereas H3O is a super pure, non-corrosive acid, HRx is its alkaline counterpart. The HRx concentrate measures about pH 13.5 -- so it should be violently caustic, and yet it is not. Coming from the same technology as H3O, this is not surprising...
Since so much of Alpha Omega Lab's work has centered around cancer, (accelerated by our work in third world countries where people cannot afford conventional treatment to begin with), this became our starting point.
Early in our work with HRx, it became apparent that it had dramatic potential in overall nutrition, particularly for those suffering from most types of cancer; adult diabetes; and possibly muscular dystrophy. Our suspicions were entirely theoretical.
We were aware, for instance, that many of those who view cancer as a "nutrient deficiency" disorder -- even those who concur with the polymorphic microorganism theories of Antoine Bechamp, Royal Rife, and others; or such etiological theories as "parasitic carcinogenesis" (i.e. Hulda Clarke) -- acknowledge the harmful role of pH imbalance. Genius is not required to acknowledge the obvious: cancers cannot grow or even survive in an alkaline, or even a neutral, pH environment. They require acidity.
In working with the inventors of HRx, we came to understand that if you made ordinary drinking water with it regularly, bringing the "water" to a pH of approximately 9.0, and you drink it, the pH of saliva and urine samples will reflect values in the 6.4 to 7.0 range -- not 5.2 to 5.9. This meant that HRx indisputably brought the entire circulatory system, and therefore the organ tissues through which the blood passes, into less acidic pH ranges. But the next question was not so easy to answer: is there really much significance in making the body less acidic? And does this observation, now confirmed after four years of use, bring any relief to a patient who has a disease that is created because of mild acidosis to begin with? In other words, so what if acidosis brought on the cancer -- will reversing the acidosis benefit the patient now that the cancer process is already in place? And what about the many other maladies that, in whole or in part, are aggrevated, if not created, as a result of a pH imbalanced physiology biased to acidity?
Even at this writing, we do not have enough empirical evidence, let alone well-constructed longitudinal studies, to support conclusive findings, despite some of the miraculous anecdotal comments we have received. What we can rely on is the clinical findings of doctors we have consulted in several countries -- physicians we know and respect. And this is what we know:
The effectiveness (putting aside any toxicological issues for a moment) of the leading alternative cancer treatments in use today, in part, draw their efficacy from the fact that they mildly adjust the pH upward. These include: (1) hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) therapy, (2) ozone therapy, (3) cesium, and (4) coral water or coral powder. Improperly handled, all three can be quite toxic when used internally. We know through experimentation that none of these will bring as quick a change in pH balancing as will HRx. (Enthusiasts of bio-oxidative therapies will be quick to point out, however, that in the case of hydrogen peroxide and ozone, it is the oxygenation and not the pH balancing, that are behind the benefits, since cancers cannot survive in aerobic environments, either.)
With this working knowledge in hand, we now feel confident to recommend the following as a nutritional support adjunct to our internal Cansema products (Caps and Tonic III; and our CanSupport Nutritional Support product lines, as well as a general purpose pH balancing program:


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