Does he want to date me or what?

Reply Fri 14 Jun, 2013 08:23 am
So, there is this guy that is my gym instructor. I noticed that sometimes I catch he looking at me and stuff. The problem is that he has a girlfriend, but he knows that I'm single. Today, he came up and said: What would you do if your boyfriend give you a box with passionfruits? (For those who doesn't know, this fruit has a tranquilizer effect)
And then I said that I didn't know what I would do, and he explain that I didn't understand that I didn't know because I doesn't have one. And said that thing about the fruit.
For me, he tried to make a joke, or something. But maybe he has some interest in me either?
Reply Fri 14 Jun, 2013 08:33 am
I think he's making a bad joke.

I also think he's being awfully cryptic. Personally, I would find that annoying as all get out.

How about asking him - what's going on - do you want something to happen between us?

The worst (maybe) that happens is that he backs off and says no. And, frankly, as a guy with a girlfriend, he should do this, yes?
Reply Fri 14 Jun, 2013 08:58 am
This is why i'm asking, because he was so cryptic with me. And now im curious about it.
Maybe he just thinks that im angry... lol.... idk...
Reply Fri 14 Jun, 2013 09:32 am
Yanno, the longer you pick apart every little thing this guy says, without taking action, the more crazy-making this is going to be.

I suspect the guy is just being friendly and doesn't even realize he's being flirty, or he is doing it as a part of his work. A lot of sales/personal training type of work behavior is very, very close to flirting. And it is meant to be. It's how they get people to come back and it is how they get people to buy more goods and services. If he can sell you whatever products they sell at the gym (yoga mats, whatever) or get you to renew, he gets a commission.

The guy has a girlfriend. The more I think about this, the more I suspect this is a sales gimmick. Then you'll really freak him out if you come out and ask him what is going on.
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