Still bleeding 1 month after Abortion.

Reply Mon 13 May, 2013 11:31 am
My girlfriend got a surgical abortion at planned parenthood exactly 1 month from yesterday. Last Sunday she started spotting, not heavy bleeding but spotting, red blood, which we were told is bad. She went for the follow up and they said she was fully healed, but don't know why she is bleeding. She's showing none of the signs associated with tissue remaining (doesn't feel pregnant, no cramping) they did a blood test on Friday and were still waiting for the results from that. They also recommended a sonogram but since her parents don't know we can't go through insurance and a sonogram is quite expensive. Basically all we want to know is is this spotting normal? She was very active and took no time to recover after the surgery and went right back to her daily routine.
Reply Mon 13 May, 2013 03:50 pm
Who told you that it is "bad" for her to be spotting a month later?

She needs to go back to her doctor at Planned Parenthood. They can do the sonogram there and they can tell you if the spotting is normal. It could just be her menstrual cycle restarting after pregnancy. It could also be any one of a number of other things.

If they only did the blood tests on Friday, this being Monday, it is a bit unrealistic to expect any results today. If you haven't heard anything by Wednesday, call and follow up.

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Canada Malpractice
Reply Thu 23 May, 2013 11:42 am
After having an abortion, most women experience some bleeding, which is considered normal. Severe bleeding or passing large blood clots might indicate damage to internal organs from instruments used in the procedure and may require surgical repair. Infection also may cause bleeding after abortion if tissue remains in the uterus. When severe cramping occurs, it might indicate postabortal syndrome, meaning the uterus fails to contract to expel blood and clots.
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Canada Malpractice
Reply Thu 23 May, 2013 11:51 am
Retained Clots:
In 2-5% of abortions, for unknown reasons, clots may cover the opening of the cervix, causing blood to fill the uterus. This is accompanied by severe cramping and little or no bleeding, and can occur within hours or up to 5 days after the abortion. Often a hot shower with abdominal massage will provide relief and alleviate the problem. Rarely, it is necessary to re-evacuate the uterus, which provides almost immediate relief.
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