Penis Pain

Thu 17 Jan, 2013 08:17 pm
I am a 14 year old kid who has not gone through puberty and is not sexually active. 3 days ago, I woke up and had intense pain in my penis and surrounding areas. I have recently began growing more hair at the base and on my scrotum. The pain is non stop 24/7. I am an athlete and it especially hurts when I run fast and swim. Could this be some kind of growing pain or something with puberty? Because I have also started to get small patches of acne on my face. There is no redness, itching, or anything visible, just what feels almost like muscle pain. I'm incredibly worried. Please help. Just for a note, I only masturbate about once every few days, but get a ton of embarrassing boners all the time.
Fri 18 Jan, 2013 05:23 am
Well, you're going through puberty. Ask your mother or father to take you to your pediatrician (if you don't want to tell them the specific reason, just say you're not feeling well) and ask the doctor, just to rule out anything too strange as there is such a thing as an abdominal hernia and that can require surgery.
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