Reply Sun 10 Feb, 2013 09:58 pm
What is the point to suffer? Why does the world tend to be so cruel ? Why does injustice happen to those who don't deserve it ?
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Reply Sun 3 Mar, 2013 07:54 pm
@Black King ,
I asked God these same questions.

This reality is only temporary but needed for God's purpose. All will come to pass. It will only hurt for a little while. Once the suffering is over, the healing will begin. For light to be, we must have darkness. One being had to separate itself into opposites. The catch is that darkness is temporal. We must go through darkness before we can see. This darkness is truth in-side-out. We aren't going from birth to death. We are going from death to birth. We are dead.

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Reply Mon 4 Mar, 2013 04:11 am
@Black King ,
positively, my answer is the original fact that the most superior free conscious so gods demonstrate their unability to recognize else superiority and deal with truth they know objectively right
when bigger condition small bc objective is individuality which from small cant know bigger, then all become vulgarly evil as the only way to b individually living, wether through what offend biggers like worse satan or through what lives individually as bigger means originally, which is the evil fact

like tht guy sellin arguments for evil eternity, forcin the concept that evil is a source of truth and right is simply meanin evil existence recognition by anyone meanin normal standards

what is inferior do not exist cant b constant nor affiliated to objects, so supportin the idea that god is what gives life to **** or inferiority just to choose the right ones, is revealin god being ****, since only **** would support inferiority to b in forms alive and stab right living for general rights recognitions, what a ****, this cant b impossible if u really mean right u cant hurt any right while it is always through supportin positive rights as right existence superiority

so our rights are burried and we are forced to suffer in all kind of forms to only bc gods are evil livings so directly willin that plus the original will of existence superiority became real existence through individual lives

is there a way to send thm both down and up evil life to hell and we the right sandwich in between out of them?? of course this is the whole point

the right of positive truth
when truth is independant to any origin so a lot of people are rights

but unfortunately this cant b held but subjectively alone how to b the right of being independant to any else

send them all to hell

they live by putin superiority down so they can get a sense of living superiority when true superiority is down so only them one superior

true superiority rights must act for being individually always free from all this consciously is by also keepin meanin to send all gods to hell
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Reply Sun 27 Apr, 2014 09:52 pm
@Black King ,
hunger is the cause
and the goal is to sustain life
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