she nags me about my weight

Reply Thu 3 Jan, 2013 05:55 pm
I'm not a real big guy, to put in nicely i'm husky ( 5'9 185-190). A lot of times i work late, so on my way home, i just figure it's late, so i grab Taco Bell, when i get home she gets annoyed and goes off about weight gain and cholesterol etc. Another example, it was Christmas dinner, so i finish my first plate and as i'm going back up for round 2 she looks at me "do you really need seconds?" I didn't get a 2nd plate. And finally, it was New Years Day, i'm settling down to watch football all day and i've brought all the good stuff, wings, cookies, popcorn, Mountain Dew, chips etc she came home from Target after returning a dress. She goes off on me " Its all junk, you can you eat that it's so bad for you, you'll end up obese". I'm 18 as is she, i run at least 4 miles a day, my metabolism is fine. She's big health nut( Turkey burgers are horrible). I want her to stop nagging me, i love her and i appreciate that she's looking out for me but i think at 18 i can make my own decisions on what i eat. Suggestions on how to talk to her??
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Reply Thu 3 Jan, 2013 06:15 pm
She can see the future - and she doesn't like it.
Reply Thu 3 Jan, 2013 06:29 pm
what future? I run 4 miles a day and sometimes more on Sundays
Reply Thu 3 Jan, 2013 06:39 pm
jrice94 wrote:
Suggestions on how to talk to her??

You're planning to move together to California.

You'll be in school, she'll either be in school or working.

She's got a great bikini body. You're - to put it nicely - husky.

It's time to start talking about meals you both enjoy that you will be able to prepare once you've moved.

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Reply Thu 3 Jan, 2013 08:01 pm
Hmmm? You are complaining about her nagging? You need to work out communicating about your differences directly. Do you really think you two can live together? After all, here you are asking some total strangers online how to talk to somebody about basic relationship issues.

BTW, when you are 18 and are really running 4 miles a day, you can eat whatever you want (within reason), unless you've got some sort of bad family health history. Did you used to weigh a lot more?

BTW, generally, if you've been running 4 miles per day every day for quite a while, typically the weight just falls off.
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Reply Fri 4 Jan, 2013 05:33 am
I think maybe you should just balance the food that you eat. Mix up the healthy food and the junk food.
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Reply Fri 4 Jan, 2013 03:34 pm
Nagging huh. We get it from our Mothers and then, when old enough, we think it's over, yet it is not ....

The first thing you need to do is reject that word, nagging. It's actually called "helping".

i'm settling down to watch football all day and i've brought all the good stuff, wings, cookies, popcorn, Mountain Dew, chips

How can you eat, popcorn, then chips, then cookies topped with mountain dew, starting with wings. The average person is going to grap chips or popcorn, only.

Whether you run 4 miles a day or 20 miles a day, all you are doing is convincing yourself that, that (small) run, will get rid of all the calories that you just put into your body, let alone, fat. Like a trade huh.

A bit like an alcoholic. I'll only drink one bottle and then I will drink a glass of water, trade off. Try seeing if that same alcoholic could go for one day without having a drink.

See if you can go one "week" without eating any junk food what so ever.. If you can't would you consider you have a problem? And, that perhaps she is right, if she doesn't slow it down now, you will become addicted to junk food (comfort food), and consequently, your body will crave for even more food as it is, such as second plates and you will be a ball of fat. You won't be able to run 4 miles, let alone get off the couch fast, or walk for too long, or study, because you will want to sleep...

Just try a one week's test and then sit back and think about whether or not, maybe you are in-deed putting too much food into your body and alot of it junk and the above scenario will happen so you want to actually kind of slow that down.

Why not also google obese and get a jist of what you could turn out like?

Sometimes words mean nothing but reality means everything.
Reply Fri 4 Jan, 2013 04:37 pm
The problem is that sometimes you lose motivation to exercise, but the motivation to eat junk food (if that's your addiction) doesn't go...guess what happens then.

In fact - if you look at the majority of people who 'settle down' - that's exactly what happens...exercise to grab the attention of the opposite sex, then once you 'snag one', you no longer have to grab the attention of the opposite sex (silliness I know, but most people are that way inclined)

It comes down to 'what's important to you' - health is important to her. If it's not to you, then there will be problems.

Take the 'nagging' as a forecast.
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Reply Fri 4 Jan, 2013 05:58 pm
wings, cookies, popcorn, Mountain Dew, chips etc

Obese person's shopping list.
Reply Sat 5 Jan, 2013 02:23 am
contrex wrote:

wings, cookies, popcorn, Mountain Dew, chips etc

Obese person's shopping list.

I should make this clearer. I am the same height as you and I weigh 185 lbs. I am a square shape, broad shoulders, my wife calls me her "chunker". The point I am making is I have to watch what I eat or I will get fat. You could do more exercise, make that 4 miles into 6 or more. Your girlfriend is right. Listen to her.
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Reply Sat 5 Jan, 2013 03:29 am
most important thing is to observe what your partner is expecting from you.what she don't want from you....is prior.

second: You should discuss the matter to your wife that what you think.....about your diet and which is most indespensible thing you need to eat must be accepted by her.....as exemption for you.

finally you should follow what had discussed with your partner.....
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Reply Sat 5 Jan, 2013 10:20 am
You are 18. You metabolism is great at your age. You can eat or drink what you want and still be in great shape. However, this doesn't last forever. with age your metabolism slows down. It is important to take care of yourself now. Don't get me wrong, enjoy it while it lasts...
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