medication expiration date

Reply Mon 26 Nov, 2012 03:06 am
i have been looking online for quite some time now and can't really find an answer to my question i recently found some unused medications 20mg methylin tablets and 20mg methylphenidate tablets they unfortunately were in bottles without labels which leads me to my question what is the expiration date on these medications or is their any possible way for me to find out these dates online somehow
Reply Mon 26 Nov, 2012 04:04 am
Throw them away. If you or someone in your family needs that particular medication, then check with the doctor. That med appears to be Ritalin. Someone who was perscribed this should know when it was perscribed from their records or their own doctor will. If not, then it could be that it's someone else's. Discard them.
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Reply Mon 26 Nov, 2012 11:29 am
If there are no labels, how do you know the name of the medication and the dosage?


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Reply Mon 26 Nov, 2012 06:38 pm
My policy is if one is unsure of the expiry date then just throw them out. It would be harmful if you take a guess because that is medicine. Ask for the doctor for new prescription if you need to take them.
Reply Mon 26 Nov, 2012 07:58 pm
Good answer.
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Reply Tue 27 Nov, 2012 03:14 am
Hello Friends,

The "expiry date" or "expiration date" does not indicate a point when a medication loses potency and is no longer effective or becomes harmful. It is simply a date "required by law" generally set at two to three years after the '"manufacture date" of new medicines, usually embossed or printed on the original packaging. For prescriptions filled by the pharmacist, it is usually dated a year after being dispensed from the original container. Drug companies admit there are no real data and that since some drugs expire earlier or faster than others, some manufacturers make a calculated guess at shelf life, then cut that in half to avoid legal consequences.

Best Regards,
Lucy James
Reply Tue 27 Nov, 2012 04:17 am
I have notice the expiration date around here is one year past the date the prescription is filled. That doesn't mean it's unsafe after that date. It also doesn't mean it is safe. Fairly useless information, in most cases.
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Reply Tue 27 Nov, 2012 05:38 am
Don't eat them then you will expire
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