Migrant problem in the University

Reply Sat 1 Dec, 2012 07:09 am
studydreams wrote:
At least I did not migrate to America or any other place unlike most people from my country do. I am sure every local - even in America - has their own problem due to migration.

i'm Canadian, we certainly have folks here who have a problem with people coming from another country, i myself have a few issues, but those are mostly due to abuse of services rather than the folks themselves, i worked fro may years in an industry that relied heavily on migrant workers (agriculture) i had nothing but good experiences and great times with the people i worked with (Mexicans, Caribbean island guys, Chinese, Vietnamese, Polish), were there a few problems, sure the same as the Canadians i worked with, some back stabbed and talked about folks behind their backs, all the stuff you mentioned, your own people do those things too

people are the same all over
Reply Sat 1 Dec, 2012 07:16 am
I beg to differ. My local people have always been extremely well behaved and they never back-stab anyone else. In fact, my fellow locals and I always work together toward a goal without problems. I used to be extremely happy earlier. Now, migrants are indeed a problem and they attack us locals at a personal level.

I hope you see the cultural differences here before judging! Because situations in different countries are different. Kindly do not expect every country to be like Canada or USA or Australia. Actually, even though Australia, NZ and Canada are Commonwealth countries, they are not essentially the same and I know that for a fact that I stayed in Australia for nearly 2 years on a work visa and returned home - never wanted to settle there, because there is nothing like home at the end of the day.
Reply Sat 1 Dec, 2012 07:41 am

It is obvious you people are no less racist, because though you claim to work in harmony with other communities, you are marking my post down and reporting me for inappropriate posts and getting my account suspended every time through no fault of mine - maybe because you know I am from a certain country. My last few posts were only in reply to abusive posts and therefore had to be abusive, because everyone had a thick skin themselves - sticking to their own views and repeating themselves. Only when two hands clap, they make a noise. Otherwise, they don't. If you didn't want to reply to my posts, you need not have, right?

At least when I posted the last time, I just said "I beg to differ" and there is Nothing Offensive about "I beg to differ". Do you have to mark my posts down for that? What a hypocrite you are, djjd62.
Reply Sat 1 Dec, 2012 07:50 am
i never mark down posts and never report anything but spam (threads with links in them)

you can believe me or not, but it's true, i think the thumbs up and down is the most ridiculous thing ever to have been added to this forum

look elsewhere for the person persecuting you , it's not me
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