Can you help me with my prescription instructions?

Reply Fri 2 Nov, 2012 05:36 pm
also, when and how can I eat? It still hurts and everytime I swallow my saliva, I feel like I'm reopening my stitches on my bottom right. Also, I got all my wisdom teeth removed at once, so I can't just eat on one side.
Reply Fri 2 Nov, 2012 06:07 pm
Based on your apparent pain threshold, it will be a couple of days before you want to bite down on anything. The pain drinking etc. really should be noticeably improved in 24 hours. This is mostly from the cutting done. Yes your teeth were probably impacted, coming in at an angle and so pressing on an adjacent tooth or the rear of the jaw. They even sometimes have to chip away a (small piece) of the jaw. It is going to hurt. Your jaws should hurt tonight if that is of any consolation.

Non-narcotic pain relief is usually not very helpful the first day or two. Some doctors do not like to give pain medication. I would just choose a new dentist. Ask around. During the initial visit give them your story and ask their philosophy on relieving pain. If you don’t agree move on. Most dentists will at least give you a dozen Tylenol w/codeine after surgery.

Percocet is a schedule II drug. Some dentists/doctors choose not to be able to dispense these types of drugs. Most states have more stringent regulations on prescribing these drugs and many states actually charge more to obtain the ability to write these prescriptions, substantially more. Those who choose not to prescribe these generally have an associate that can prescribe if really necessary. Some states might even require this. Or he could have prescribed them for you and just took them himself.
Reply Fri 2 Nov, 2012 08:32 pm
Dammit! I have the worst luck! The dentist had lots of good reviews, too! It's things like these that make me such a worry wart. I don't think I've ever trembled so violently in pain in my entire life! I cries and whimpered and I could voice out anything with all the things in my mouth, but I tried to tell him it hurt. When he told me to please be quiet, I realized I would have to take it like a man since they were already at the point of no return. I hope I haven't developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder...
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