I made a huge mistake and I hate myself for it? :c

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Ok so, When we got off the bus at home after school, My Friend told my crush "Ashlynn wants a hug but shes too scared to ask" and Im like WTF!?! Ok so like he came over to me and he was like you want a hug? and I shook my head no (STUPID *** MISTAKE I KNOW!! I DONT KNOW WTF I WAS THIN|KING I PANICKED!!) and he just walked away back with his 'guys' or whatever, But now its haunting me! Every second of today ive been thinking 'Ashlynn why did you do that' or 'That was one big *** mistake Ashlynn' but worst of all im thinking: What is he thinking?!? What kind of message is this sending through his brain? Help Please,.Best answer gets 10 points!! Xoxo ~Ashlynn
Reply Wed 24 Oct, 2012 05:24 am
Calm the **** down.

Teenagers (and I have little doubt that you are all teens) make errors of judgment like this all the time. Your friend, I think, is the one who really made the error of judgment, by being pushy and telling your crush that you wanted a hug. You were unprepared for that.

Here's what you can do.

Go up to your crush when he's alone. I know it can be difficult, but if he is alone (or at least not with a huge posse of guys), it should be easier. And say (here's your script). "When ___ {insert the name of your blabbermouth friend here} told you I wanted a hug, I wasn't ready. Well, I want you to know, ___ {insert the name of your crush here}, I'm ready now."

Then, wait maybe three seconds. If nothing happens, start to slowly walk away.

I guarantee you this will be very flirtatious. As to whether your crush takes the bait, that much is up to him. This is game-playing and game-playing is lousy for relationships, but it's fine for reeling in someone. And this is a very minor game that won't hurt anyone.

Try it. You've got nothing to lose.
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