Reply Fri 5 Oct, 2012 07:47 pm
A few nights back I got to bed even later than I normally do - just never have been much of an "early to bed" guy, even though I'm still an "early to rise" one.
Anyway, I felt like I had just dozed off for a few minutes and something made me wake up suddenly.

Not sure why I woke up, but as I lay there with my eyes open, I thought I saw shadowy figures moving back and forth in our room. I got a shiver of fear, because I blinked my eyes hard to clear them and try to make sure of what I was seeing, but I could still see one or two nondescript shapes. And what was really creepy was I got the feeling that what ever it was that was there, actually stopped and regarded me for a moment.

But I had enough good old all American red-blooded rationality in that moment to say to myself, "It's just shadows from windblown trees or something, showing through the window onto the walls". And I pulled the covers over my head, squeezed my eyes shut, and waited for sleep to slow my heartbeat and drift me away...

I didn't let myself think about it again when I woke up, and by the next night, it was a memory I had basically willed away.

But, then something happened the very next night.

My wife usually goes to bed before me and often falls asleep while reading her Kindle. A little ritual we have is I will come and ease the Kindle out of her hands and her glasses off of her face, turn off her reading light if its on, and kind of tuck her in.

I had started to do my little ritual when she half woke up and said to me in a drowsily amused voice "We have some little ghosts." Then she kissed me good night and snuggled down in the covers, quickly fully asleep again.

The next morning as we both were getting ready for work, I went to ask her what she had meant about the "little ghosts". She said she didn't remember saying anything like that to me. She believed me, that I had heard her and saw her say those words to me. But she didn't remember saying them.

I've kinda always believed that there were spirits. Not saying I definitely experienced some, but this was a weird couple of nights.

Anybody got any of their own ghost stories?
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Reply Fri 5 Oct, 2012 07:51 pm
Once while in high school, a friend and I were rollerblading at night(it was the 90's, don't judge) when we saw something, about a foot tall and black, run across the road in front of us on two legs. It was man-shaped and definitely bipedal. At one point it looked back at me but I didn't see any detail other than the outline of the ears. We went and looked in the bushes it ran into, but couldn't see anything as it was pretty dark and we had no light.

I guess I sort of put it out of my mind, but it definitely was on two legs and definitely looked back at us. It wasn't my imagination, I have no idea to this day what it was. I always figured it was a gremlin or some sort of gnome. I didn't get a bad or scary feeling from it at all...

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Reply Fri 5 Oct, 2012 08:01 pm
I believe there is sometimes possibly something there, but what or the cause of it I do not pretend to know.
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Reply Sat 6 Oct, 2012 06:55 am
I moved beyond simply believing to ' knowing ' ( as much as I can that is) that there are things like that we do not perceive easily , some years ago.

I have told the story of my daughters room here a few times. I walked in once and she was standing in her crib staring in the corner. Her tiny dresser was face down and everything that was inside of it was still folded, but removed from all of the drawers in a little pile around it. I think she was not even 2 yet.

Here in my house now I have had many odd things. The sound of many dishes crashing into the sink and breaking, as if someone just threw a whole pile into the sink deliberately.... nothing was broken, moved or even fell. The sink was clear.

There is a shelf in my book case that decided to tumble down despite being fully supported. Doors close, feet go racing down the tile hallway, toilets flush, you name it.

We only perceive a few dimensions with our limited senses, so it is impossible to say that there is NO possibility of anything else beyond what we can see.
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