Women need to get over themselves and accept the truth.

Sun 26 Aug, 2012 03:36 pm

Thanks Krumple Smile, sheez, it's written down now.

You know, this actually was a very interesting video to watch, I don't think apologies are necessary as such but the fact that a bunch of men chose to make this, for those that maybe had a bum deal and have had trouble coping, I take my hat off to them, a friend sent it to me from America and it touched her...

Thanks OP for re-inforcing, we are all human and basically respect each other.

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Wed 22 Jan, 2014 02:49 pm

We have two genders which are mutually complementary and neither is inferior or superior to the other,
was this proven somewhere, because i have not seen the proof.

The proof is in human history and modern day society. Man built this world and now has built an easier path for women to walk through it. Women should be thanking us for carrying them the whole way. Instead now that they can put their feet down and walk on their own they have decided to bitch and complain about one more thing they see with their beady little preyfull eyes, the man they no longer need as much. But we shall see how long it lasts the American economy took a turn for the worse as soon a women began having more spending power. We shall see if this modern way lasts. Nature has a way of consuming nonsense and uselessness. Nature will consume the modern American women whole, it wont have any thing to do with a man or men.
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Romeo Fabulini
Wed 22 Jan, 2014 03:26 pm
I was a Sarah Palin fan, what a loss to politics when she was stabbed in the back and forced out of politics, she'd have made a great President one day in the same cast iron mould as Maggie Thatcher..Smile

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Mon 2 Jun, 2014 12:40 am
Very interesting article. But even if your right - and you might not be - I believe your solution is excessive.

If you want to be in charge of your relationship the answer is leadership. There are tons of sites on the internet that will tell you your relationship will be more likely to succeed if you (as the man) are the dominant partner.

If you are in charge of your relationship, you can manipulate your partner to play into your hands.

But rape is neither a necessary option, nor a good one. I know that even if I tried to rape someone (which I have not) my conscience wouldn't allow me to do so.

It's not media of any kind, that prevents me. My own heart and soul tell me it would be massively over the line.
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Sat 22 Oct, 2016 06:43 am
You are right. Interestingly enough, I'm a woman. However I agree with you. Most women unfortunately will be emotional and take this thread as mysogynistic and hateful, but as you said in your thread, we are ruled by emotions. That said, you said something interesting in your thread about putting women back in their place-beneath men. While there aren't a lot of us out there, (and most women are just whiny feminists), I can assure you, SOME of us do know our place, and are perfectly happy there I might add. I have discussed these feelings with my fiancé and he was very happy to hear that, but shocked that a woman would talk like that. It is only because I know the truth and am accepting of the truth that I do talk like that. I know my place is beneath my fiancé and when he becomes my husband, I will respect him and most importantly obey him like a woman should. I will take his last name like a woman should as well. A friend of mine whom I am real close with is a feminist who wants to keep her name the same after she gets married and wants to essentially "wear the pants" in the relationship. Anytime we talk about feminism and the rights of women, the 2 of us engage in very heated arguments but yet, are still friends. It's comical how the world works.
Allow me to say, I hope your post can get through to more women. Keep your chin up and keep crusading. One day more women will listen and accept their positions again. Women want to think of inferiority as a bad thing, but is it really? It just means men can have more control, and if we all bond together and be servants to our men and obey them, we will find importance in our inferiority. I accept and even embrace that I am inferior and after I get married and my fiancé becomes my husband, I will proudly be his servant and I won't complain or be upset about allegedly being "under his thumb."
Lastly, because I am a woman and I know my place, I also know it is my duty not to express my opinion and to be seen not heard. I just thought you'd like to know some women agree with you, which is why I put my two cents in. Since I am a woman however, I'll try to be more respectful of not putting in my 2 cents especially toward an insightful thread such as yours and your superior male brain for writing it. Thank you.
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Tue 29 Aug, 2017 07:37 am
... Donald?
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