I am not a Engineering grad but I am running an IT Company.

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I am 24 years old. I am B.COM Graduate and an MBA professional. I have started a company in partnership but the company is an IT based company and everything is purely technical and I am facing problems to understand things and products. I want to make myself technically strong so that I have confidence in speaking to my clients and solving their queries.
Products I deal in are: Microprocessor Trainer Kits, ARM Based Evaluation Boards, PCB Designing Software, LCDs and Camera Modules.
I am not interested in talking up a coaching class or getting a tution from someone. I am ready to read books and understand them on my own. I have few helping hands to do it.
Please suggest what should do and what steps should I take to go for it. Please recommend some websites or books which can teach me things from scratch but not in a very professional manner. I do not want to be an an Embedded Designer but I want to understand things. Thats all..!!!
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You're not going about this terribly intelligently, I have to say.

I have worked in a startup environment. Going with books is probably a waste of time, as they are going to be either too long or too out of date.

It's also unclear what you're trying to do. Be the CEO? Well, a book or two isn't going to be enough. You need to immerse yourself - how can you be running this company if you don't understand your products?

About the best advice I ever got on startups was from the people at HubSpot, which is a very successful Boston-area startup. They say, have two founders. One should be the inventor/engineer/idea person. That's, I believe, your partner. The other should be the manager/sales person/CEO/guy who goes after the venture capital and angel investor money. That is you. Apart from basic understanding of the product, you should not have to know every single little nuance. You should be able to call on your partner for that.

You do not need to do everything - and you will do nothing well if you attempt to do everything. If your partner is not pulling his weight, get yourself a new partner.
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