Facial Recognition -- Aging from Youth to Adult

Reply Mon 1 Nov, 2021 12:57 am
OK, "facial recognition" has become something of a controversial subject in many societies. But I have a research question that needs the tech...

I have a very good photo of a young man in his early or mid-twenties. Of course, Asians tend to look much younger than they are, and while this man is probably about 24 or 25, he appears to be in his mid-teens. I have photos of another man in his 50's or 60's, whom I believe to be the same man. I want to be able to say with a reliable degree of accuracy that these are photos of the same person.

In all the photos, facial angle is very nearly the same. The left ear on the younger man's photo is a bit shorter than the older man because that part of the original photo had flaked off (photo taken around 1900 and had deteriorated in places) and the ear was "restored", resulting in it being a tiny bit shortened from the lobe to the top of the ear. But that bit shouldn't be too much of a problem if many features on the rest of the face match up.

Is there a freeware program available, or a free on-line service, that can do such a match-up? I know some police departments use similar software to ID older persons from photos of a child or youth (in the case of missing children or kidnap victims showing up decades later).

Is anyone reading this using such a program, or can direct me to one? I Googled, but what comes up is mostly just "facial recognition", not match-up youth-to-adult software...

This is for some research I am conducting on the biography of a past karate master. I'm trying to ascertain whether the youth in a group photo is him.
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Reply Mon 1 Nov, 2021 03:06 am
By the way, I see several "age progression" programs, but they just age a face to approximate what it might look like in 20 years or so. I can't seem to find a free forensic photo comparison program, unless it's buried in the many age progression programs.

It's my hope that someone has used such a program, and it's a freebie. I did find one true forensic comparison service; it takes 7 to 14 days turnaround on a comparison and costs a lot. I think few really have a lot of money to throw away on a possible non-match.
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Reply Mon 1 Nov, 2021 06:45 pm
Here are a few possibles. You may be able to get what you need by combining a few trial packages.

Reply Mon 1 Nov, 2021 07:11 pm
Thanks, I'll try a few of these.
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