US workers are not competitive?

Reply Wed 21 Mar, 2012 07:04 am
engineer wrote:

TuringEquivalent wrote:

I am surprise you are throwing "average productivity" at me. Do you even know what that means? Obviously, you don 't.

Why are you surprised? Manufacturing plants all over the world measure units produced per worker hour. This isn't really all that hard.

TuringEquivalent wrote:
What are you using that number to prove? If you are using that number to show that "factories should be located in the US, rather than Mexico", then no, you can 't make a case using that. Why?

Because the case for moving manufacturing to Mexico is not based on worker productivity, it is based on worker costs, taxes, benefits, environmental laws, etc. Workers in Mexico are paid far less and that is why jobs move there. The same was true when textile jobs moved from the US north and mid-west to the US South. It's all about the cost of doing business, not worker productivity.

TuringEquivalent wrote:
You also can not prove "Americans have the highest of college grads in the world" , because it is not true.

Nor did I try to prove that. I haven't even looked it up.

TuringEquivalent wrote:
You also cannot prove "Americans are more innovative", because you have to define what an American is. A lot of foreign companies file their patent here, and a lot of the patents are file by foreign nationals.

My comment, based on personal experience, is that average US workers "work equally hard, devote more effort to improving the process by contributing ideas and are more innovative, pretty much in line with what those studies you so blithely dismiss state." I base that on going to manufacturing plants around the world, interviewing workers, watching them work and auditing their management. In writing this from Pune, India, I will be in Texas next month, Shanghai the month after that. I see lots of workers and those are my observations.

Which leads us back to:
engineer wrote:
If US worker productivity is so poor, provide some documentation to show it.

why?....? This is a joke? Average productive don 't make sense in the same way that an average person don 't make sense. If labor productivity is not uniform, then some people would be more productive than others, and those more productive labors would pocket a greater share of the wealth, and in fact, this is exactly what is happening.

You talk about moving factory work because it is cheap. How funny. It is true, but cheap is how the markets provide economic incentives to do creative destruction.

You said American workers work just as hard, and fill with ideas. Well, this got nothing to do with productivity. Other people in the world also work hard, and they also have a lot of ideas. what is so exceptional?
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