Do the U.S. have control over Japan?

Reply Mon 2 Jan, 2012 08:44 pm
@Lustig Andrei,
Dealing with JTT is as must a waste of time and efforts as dealing with the racists posters on this website.

The universe revolve around the evil US empire just as for the racists the world revolve around large and dangerous black men hiding under their beds or at least they hope that the men are so hiding.
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Reply Mon 2 Jan, 2012 08:48 pm
@Lustig Andrei,
Yeah, I'm sure there is a huge tussle going on in your brain, Merry. You've tried that before and it didn't work out for you.

Instead, why don't you once consider acting in an honest fashion and instead of all this childish talk of trolls and ignore, try addressing the issues.

You know full well of these various war crimes, terrorist actions committed by successive US governments and still you play these juvenile games.

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Reply Tue 3 Jan, 2012 05:36 am
JTT wrote:
CI is probably the most reasonable American wrt this issue. His alienation was of his own doing. CI is put off/put out because talk of the criminals who do these evils things is "too boring".

I don't think CI finds the crimes boring, just the constant referencing of it. What do you suggest people do? You've not come up with anything practical people can do, other than listen attentively to you listing America's faults. You've pointed out the bias in American media, but you're not addressing the people who swallow such things. It's almost like you're preaching to the converted, but you're not preaching, you're alienating.

And instead of addressing these defenders of war crimes/terrorism - even when it's so abundantly clear - they're given a pass.

Y'all don't do that with Bill or Hawkeye. You can get your collective panties in a real tight bunch right quick about theoretical rape/murder/hit and run questions but hey, the US made a few mistakes, okay, okay, so some unknown numbers of brown skinned people got wiped out. Let's move on.

I don't anyone has been given a free pass. People get angry with Hawkeye and Bill because they want to make the world a far worse place, where they can abuse children with impunity. As you have pointed out, things are pretty bad already, you don't want to make it any worse.
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