Why do girls have big boobs?

Reply Mon 10 Dec, 2012 08:15 am
I am skeptical about this. I understand that in many cultures women didn't cover their breasts. But I would be very surprised if breasts would not still be an important part of sexual foreplay.

I think breasts play a part of determining feminine sexual attractiveness even in cultures where they are not covered. Fertility symbols seem to prominently feature them across cultures.

This explains the evolutionary tendency for much larger breasts than necessary for feeding children. I have read the hypothesis that this change happened when humans started having face to face sex (where the breasts are more accessible) than with the normal male behind female)position you see in other primates.
Reply Mon 10 Dec, 2012 08:50 am
I suspect that the idea that breasts are not sexual is a modern Western phenomenon. I did a little looking around for research.

Even though men's interest in breasts may increase where women are clothed, the interpretation that men in nude cultures do not find breasts erotic is erroneous. Based on numerous interviews I conducted with the Hadza, men find breasts erotic, even though women usually do not cover their breasts. They fondle breasts during intercourse and like "a handful of firm breast," as they put it, "like teen-aged girls have." Such fondling is reported in numerous other nude cultures (Ford and Beach 1951). The contention that eroticism only occurs where breasts are covered would imply then men do not find vaginas erotic in completely nude cultures, and that there are no sexual signals among other species. I suggest that firmness is the main criterion of attractiveness, and since firmness means less if breasts are small, that males prefer large, firm breasts cross-culturally.

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