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Tue 4 Jun, 2013 11:18 am - I'd call it arrogance, rather than egotism. And yes, I think that it is highly arrogant to believe that a supposedly omnipotent being would die for a mere mortal. Realistically, an omnipotent... (view)
Wed 27 Mar, 2013 09:06 am - Keep calm, and await The Doctor. (view)
Tue 5 Mar, 2013 02:21 pm - Well, osso, I haven't totally walked out yet. Hopefully, I'll find more interesting threads to add my two cents to. (view)
Tue 5 Mar, 2013 02:07 pm - I'm definitely finding myself in agreement with this. When I first started, it was so civil. I've been away for a while, mostly due to election season. Even still, I've been seeing... (view)
Wed 26 Sep, 2012 09:44 am - Good to be back. And it would be awesome if it was. :lol: (view)
Tue 25 Sep, 2012 08:32 am - For those who care in any way, I have returned from quite the hiatus. I have done some mind questing and have figured some things out. I have been letting too many thing that are out of my control... (view)
Mon 24 Sep, 2012 03:26 pm - Lustig Andrei said: [quote]Nah, it doesn't make sense once you've left the pop genre. Well, jazz maybe.[/quote] It can work with some sub-genres of rock too, because apparently... (view)
Tue 12 Jun, 2012 11:28 am - Its a toss-up between Final Fantasy X, Ace Combat 5, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Halo (1, 2, 3, and Reach), and Fallout 3. (view)
Fri 24 Feb, 2012 11:25 am - [quote]Is it civilized and humane for a man to share bed with another man??[/quote] [quote]Unlike man to man intercourse! GOD even saying it could make me throw up. [/quote] Funny how you... (view)
Thu 23 Feb, 2012 02:26 pm - And besides, if it doesn't happen, cool, I get to live a few more years. And if it does, there's nothing anyone can do about it, so why even worry anyway. (view)
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