ejaculation and urination... need help

Reply Sun 13 Nov, 2011 01:49 pm
I am 18 and during stimulation I urinate. By stimulation I mean; During foreplay with my girlfriend after pre-cum i usually have to go to the bathroom...of coarse i do not, i simply hold it. When stimulating my head during masturbation I have a desire to urinate and i usually do. And directly after ejaculation i feel a strong need to urinate and i usually do because it is extremely pleasurable. I can choose not to urinate after ejaculation...but if stimulation continues after ejaculation the desire is usually to strong and i cannot prevent it... it is like a second ejaculation in that at a certain point of stimulation after ejaculation i cannot stop it, however it is urine. I tried to be as descriptive and informative as possible because i really need an answer as to whether or not this is a problem because if it is i need to fix it as soon as possible. and please no answers that are speculation or opinions. i take health very seriously. thank you so much in advance.
Reply Sun 13 Nov, 2011 02:01 pm
Here's a question for you: if you took your health so seriously why haven't you seen a doctor? It could be a lot of things including an infection. It's definitely not in the range of male response. I'll assume hypothetically that you were not drinking beer or alcohol prior to this.

See your primary care doctor and/or have them refer you to a specialist (Urologist).
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