Embarrassed (again) about being a Texan.

Reply Sun 28 Aug, 2011 07:28 am
The things we are starting to learn about this man almost makes Looney Tunes Bachman seem sane! In other words: "Be afwaid. Be vewy afwaid."
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Reply Sun 28 Aug, 2011 08:38 am
@Finn dAbuzz,
Finn dAbuzz wrote:

Such a sly response.

DrewDad wants us to believe that his repugnance for all things Texan should remain hidden within the cyperspace of A2K.

If you are, actually, a Texan than have the guts to voice your opinion.

I understand that you might feel imperiled by doing so, but surely you are so heroic as to court such disdain.

Or not.

Hide in the shadows and gripe becuase it makes you feel superior and it has no repercussions.

This is a a Liberal's benign forum. You get to spout off about all the evil conservatives, without consequences.

Stop hiding from the Public Forum in Texas; go out there and pronounce why the rest of us Texans are miscreants.

But no, you are a Texan quisling. You seek to curry favor with the NE Liberal Elite by asserting you are a Texan and you hate Texas.

Unless you live in Austin, go to the downtown of your community and spout all of your shite.

Surely they will cheer you.

Why do some persons on the losing end of an argument resort to threats of physical harm?
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Reply Sun 28 Aug, 2011 09:16 am
@Finn dAbuzz,
I find it rather fascinating that to you it's a choice of doing one or the other.

Do you always artificially limit your life choices that way?

"I could discuss it on A2K, or I could discuss it in real life. Not both, though."

I'm also highly amused that you're posting anonymously in the very same forum that you accuse me of hiding behind.

Can't make this stuff up.....
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Reply Sun 28 Aug, 2011 09:19 am
@Finn dAbuzz,
I also find it amusing that you're trying to pull in morality about "sexual libertinism." Obviously, the kids are already having sex, or we wouldn't have the 3rd highest teen pregnancy rate.
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