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there is a friend of my girlfriend...met him last year and we became good buddies...yesterday we had a chat..i am planning to get married next year...wen i asked him bout why he dosen't have a girlfriend..he gave me the most shocking reply...he told me that he loves his mother a lot...even want to have sex with her and tries to seduce her...and till his mom is alive..there would be no other gal in his life... his mom holds the greatest value in his life..... i think he need counseling..can't say it to my gf because she might think i am jealous of him being her friend and making up stories....but i want to help that guy..please suggest help...
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You can't. He needs professional help.

Sorry if that seems harsh but, truly, this person needs a doctor as much as he would if he had a broken leg.

About the only thing you can do -- and the chances of this working are virtually zero if the guy doesn't see anything wrong -- is suggest that he get counseling. And then leave it alone; you cannot do anything more.
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Reply Sat 2 Jul, 2011 11:29 am
Was he joking?
Pulling your leg?
Being provocative?

How old is this dude?

If he was serious, then he never outgrew his early childhood, when kids are in love with their mom or dad. He just didn't outgrow that attachment. What would really be sick is if his mother is encouraging this kind of attachment.

But like suggested before, he could use some counseling . . .IF he was serious.
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Reply Sun 10 Jul, 2011 03:09 pm
thanx buddies...i will surely suggest him counseling o psychiatrist.... dunno wat happens to a guy who is so mature and well established in the society...thanx for your help
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