Drink your milk! (or not, more discussion)

Reply Fri 17 Jun, 2011 06:22 pm
It is a damn good thing that few kids get fed OJ every morning as was the case when I was a kid....that crap has as much sugar as chocolate milk, and all that you get in return is some vitiman C, which can be added to most anything. Calcium is a little more tricky to get into a diet.
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Maybe I don't see choco. milk as a problem because I do cook every day -- okay... we do have "pizza night" but other than that it's all freshly cooked from real ingredients with no added sugar.

I think he's dead on with what he says about changing our culture around food and that teaching kids to cook is the first step to getting there. Cooking is a life skill.
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Reply Mon 20 Jun, 2011 09:29 am
I have heard that now amongst young mothers the idea that children under 3-4 should have no milk at all - especially no cow milk not even pasteurized.
How do you feel about that?
Personally I only know one mother like that and she is also a vegetarian. Not vega.
Her child is very energetic, but very small for her age. Something like 10-15% under the minimum of children her agegroup. No milk, no meat and no fish.
The mother is after it all the time to get it to drink water. I think a child of three should be able to tell when it is thirsty and also be able to tell what they want to drink. Whatever it is milk, juice or fruittea.
Reply Mon 20 Jun, 2011 09:36 am
Not sure where the moms got this idea. My child's doctor said whole milk was very important for young children - if I remember correctly something like around the ages of 1 -3 or so. She said the child's developing brain is helped with the milk fat found in whole milk.

I had a co-worker who had a baby around the same time as me. Around the time both our children were 1, she told me she gave her child skim milk because she was afraid of her child being overweight (she was a chubby kid so she had a crazy paronoid fear of her child being chubby). I told her what my child's doctor said and she said her doctor told her the same thing, but still was afraid of the fat.

However after that age she recommended only having skim milk - (which we always supplemented with chocolate). We only have skim milk in the house now.
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Reply Mon 20 Jun, 2011 10:03 am
My kid is tall and robust (usually about 90th percentile for height and about 75th percentile for weight), she is TERRIBLE about figuring out when she's thirsty. It's a real problem.

I have the same problem, I'm pretty much never thirsty, I just think "it's been a while since I've had something to drink, I should drink something now."

She hasn't quite gotten in that habit yet and I still really have to get after her to drink. And she's 10.

So that alone doesn't mean much to me. (She's had cow's milk since she was little, no prohibitions there.)
Reply Mon 20 Jun, 2011 11:51 am
I'd have to second that - kids get so busy playing that they don't want to stop for anything - how often do you have a kid running in the house....I got to pee now! And some will even pee outside because they don't want to stop playing.
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Reply Fri 24 Jun, 2011 07:18 am
A recent conversation I had with a doctor:

Your calcium levels are excellent. Are you taking a supplement?


No supplement?

No. I drink a lot of milk.

What kind of milk?

Whole milk.

Your bone density is excellent.

I'm glad something is.

So here I am, an old person. I'm being carefully monitored by slews of doctors. You gotta get this up. You gotta take that supplement. It seems clear to me that drinking whole milk has helped my health.

I drink it because I love it.

Reply Fri 24 Jun, 2011 09:58 am
Yes, I figure my good bone density (when last measured, a while ago) was due in part to my (choc) milk love and fondness for cheese(s), as my gravity bearing exercise life has been sporadic while occasionally excellent. I never touch low fat cheese after having tried it one time. I said earlier that I drink at least 2% fat milk: first because I read somewhere that the vitamin D in skim works less well re its role with calcium if the milk is lower fat (don't know that this is true); also because now that I'm so old, and not wanting to lose more weight, I think the full fat is better for me. But I see I fibbed, in that the choc milk is sometimes 1% fat. But it's tricky, in that I buy reg whole fat milk too and often mix it with the low fat chocolate, not so much to up the fat percentage, but because some brands of choc milk have way too much chocolate even for me.
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Reply Fri 15 Jul, 2011 06:20 pm
Chocolate milk beat out water, sports drinks and regular milk in a recent study of what is the best post-exercise drink for our bodies. Lowfat milk has also been touted as an ideal remedy for muscles that have been rigorously exercised

WHAT! We have been assured that chocolate milk is poison that must be banned from school lunches, so this data must be wrong. Please fix it!
Reply Fri 15 Jul, 2011 06:22 pm
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