Hitler: figurehead?

Reply Mon 20 Jun, 2011 02:50 am
@Walter Hinteler,

Foofie wrote:

Would it be "hate speech" to say Germany suffered from delusions of grandeur in the 20th century?

When it comes to hate speech and Germans, it would be more realistic to talk to a non-Jew, since while the Germans were fighting Allied armies, they were also fighting a war of genocide against their own Jewish citizens and effecting a very concerted effort to bring Jews to extinction. That must have been because Germany was experiencing a hiatus from their civilized past, and as a respite were enjoying a bit of barbaric behavior? That is not hate speech; that is just history that is documented.
Walter Hinteler wrote:
You shouldn't forget that not only Germany was taking part in WWI, in which more than 120,000 Jews died as patriotic German soldiers (as well as a significant number of Jews in the Austro-Hungarian army) ...
I wish that Hitler had been a LIBERTARIAN.

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