Is a Clot Far-fetched?

Reply Sat 2 Apr, 2011 11:10 pm
I am a bit concerned too. A general practitioner is not really equipped to
treat heart problems and I think it is imperative that you see a specialist/cardiologist. Blood clogs can form for various reasons and it can
lead to serious complications.
We know very little about your age, physical condition, weight etc. to make
suggestions, however, my advice to you would be to see a good cardiologist.
If your father won't drive you to the nearest cardiologist/hospital then take
the bus or any other public transportation. Surely, one of your friends could drive you as well. Your health is at stake here, find a way to get you where you need to be!
Reply Fri 6 May, 2011 09:23 am
I'm actually underweight according to BMI and similar tests.
I've never smoked in my life.
As for bc, not on it either.

My doctor told me it was chest wall pain [aka for I have no idea most of the time].
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Reply Fri 6 May, 2011 09:27 am
I'm setting up an appointment some time this week to check into beta blockers for my SVT, and while I'm at the cardiologist I will bring up the other complications I'm having.

This post was sort of a continuation from a previous post I had on A2K, so a lot of people already knew my weight, etc [though I agree it helps to know these things in this post too]. Thanks for the concern, too Smile
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