PLEASE HELP with vaginal cut!

Sun 13 Mar, 2011 04:41 pm
Hello all. I have been reading a bunch of things on here that are similar to my situation but not quite like it. I don't know what to do. I really need advice, because I feel like this is ruining my life!!!

Okay, well about a month ago I started experiencing pain when having sex. It went on for about a week, I thought I was just sore from previous times so I thought nothing of it. It was always in the same spot, on one side of my vagina, directly outside the entrance. Finally after one week, it hurt too bad and I knew something was wrong. My boyfriend checked and said there was a small cut/tear right on the top upper corner on the entrance to my vagina. I have never had that happen before. We had been having sex for three years, multiple times a day, long periods of time, etc. So I'm not prone to tears, this is my first one.

Anyway, I checked online and read that it should heal in about two to three days. We waited about five and couldn't see it, and when we had sex it reopened. This has been my life for the past month and half. We waited a week, and then two weeks, the longest we've waited is three weeks. But every time we think it's gone, it still opens. I hate it. My boyfriend said it's probably because of the spot it's in.

So, to treat it I have tried neosporn, I use feminine wipes every morning and night to keep it clean and only wear cotton undies. I didn't see a doctor for the first few weeks. It is not infected or anything. However, I did go for my yearly check up and he didn't even see anything there. I figured it was healed, but when I tried to have sex again, it opened back up... I haven't been to the doctor since though.

I just need any advice I can get. I want it to heal completely. It's really not that bad... every time we wait a week or so, the first time we have sex does not hurt at all. It opens slightly. It always bled at first, but now when it opens, it doesn't. So that's progress. But any consecutive time I try to have sex it stings and hurts.

It never hurts when I'm not having sex. I am doing everything I can do heal it. I have not gone back to the doctor because when I mentioned it, he just said to lay off sex and it should go away because he can't even see it. It has never itched, burned, hurt, etc at any time except during sex. Usually after sex the skin closes up the next day or two so it's not even visible, but it always tears back open. I take vitamins and get plenty of vitamin c, zinc, etc. I am out of ideas.

Can anyone suggest a time frame when it will be healed COMPLETELY and not open again? Or will it be like this forever because of the spot? Any other creams or anything I can use?
Sun 13 Mar, 2011 04:53 pm
A vaginal tear might take longer to heal than any regular cut. The area is
delicate and moist and is usually covered with clothes. If you have no other underlying health problems, it should heal within 4 to 5 weeks and you
should abstain from intercourse until then. Perhaps a different position
might help you in the long run during intercourse.
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Sun 13 Mar, 2011 04:56 pm
You need to see the doc during one of the times that the wound is open.

The doc may need to take a swab to find out what's going on.
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Sun 13 Mar, 2011 04:57 pm
You need a different doctor. You also need to go to the doctor while the sore is active, not when it looks as if it is healed.

Ask to have lab tests and to be checked for herpes and other STDs.

Also, besides keeping it clean, you also want to keep it as dry as possible. The cotton panties are a good thing to be doing. Another thing is to use corn starch to powder yourself there as if it were talcum powder. You don't want to use talcum powder because of all the irritants that are also in that stuff.

Does your boyfriend use condoms when you have sex? If so, is it possible that you are having an allergic reaction to the latex?

Have you tried using KY jelly or some other medicinal lubricant as preparation to intercourse?
Sun 13 Mar, 2011 05:01 pm
He does not use condoms, I have been on the pill for two years. I have been checked for STDs recently and have none. We have tried lube, although we usually don't need it and have never before. Everytime we try again, we make sure it is well lubricated and it doesn't hurt, but everytime consecutively it hurts because it has opened again.
Mon 6 Jun, 2011 03:47 pm
So see the doc while it is torn open, follow his advice. or try a different position, (on top, from behind etc), don't use Neomycin - try polysporin if needed, daily cleanse and moisten slightly with a dab of betadine water solution, just be patient these can take a few days to heal
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Thu 21 Jul, 2011 12:09 pm
Hey- this sounds very similar to my problem. Did you ever find a way to fix it? Or did it go away?
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Thu 22 Mar, 2012 08:54 am
I've recently suffered with these same vaginal tears. Mine would tear from the bottom of my opening of my vagina. It healed within a few days and tearing took place around the 27th of last month. I went in for testing for everything herpes, syphillis etc. and got my results back and everything came back negative. This was about 2 week ago when I got my results back. I had sex yesterday and got another vaginal tear I couldn't feel it until we had sex after the first time which was like 15 min after. It had reopened but my doctor was saying he didn't see a tear when I went in for testing the first time. I just want to know what I can use to heal it completely and stop it from happening again. The first time it happened we had rough sex but this time we weren't rough at all and it still happened.
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Thu 22 Mar, 2012 09:21 am
The skin around that area gets thinner as women age.
Go to another Dr. and ask for a hormonal cream that will help with this thinning of the skin.
Also, be aware of a certain position that may be rubbing this particular area.
Thu 22 Mar, 2012 10:38 am
Yes, age can be a factor.

After menopause this happened to me, resulting in sex becoming painful, to the point I couldn't have it. Over the counter lubricants did nothing really to help.

My doctor made several suggestions, including taking evening primrose oil. When she examined me at that time, she said I was really dry and red up there. Gross.

I decided to attack the problem at the source, and insert the evening primrose capsule into my vagina.
Note: I had to nip a hole in one end of the capsule, and squeeze a little of the oil out over the outer surface, because it hurt to insert the capsule dry. Make sure you push it up past your cervix. Wear a pad since a little oil will obviously come back out over time. Best time to do it is when you go to bed.

The first evening I did it, a few minutes after I started to burn. I thought "Oh great, don't tell me I'm allergic!" But the burning subsided after a few minutes.
The next evening, not as much burning, then none at all.

I realized it burned because the skin was SO dry, like if you put lotion on really chapped hands, and it burns.

Also, I've found it to be a much more satisfactory lubricant for sex. Expecially if you put a pill up there maybe an hour before, and then another right before, ahem, insertion. For the 2nd pill, insert in with a hole nipped off the end (I just bite it off) and squeeze the pill against the side of your vagina to get the oil out.

If anyone reading this thinks it's TMI, wait until you've been through menopause, or love someone who has.

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Sat 30 Jun, 2012 01:33 am
I'm experiencing a similar problem, did you ever find a solution?
Fri 16 Nov, 2012 02:36 am
Epsom salt bath, 3 times daily for 3 days along with some neosporin or clotrimazole cream.
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Mon 26 Nov, 2012 08:43 am
I have this same issue I went to the ob gyn the day after I tore with my boyfriend and she said its simply because I wasn't fully aroused. Lubrication and arousal is different. She suggested I use AD ointment on it until it heals and keep it clean. She took a smear just because I was paranoid and did a STD test everything came back normal.
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