what's your craziest dream?

Kid A
Reply Sun 6 Mar, 2011 12:30 am
Dreams can really get out of hand. What's your most wild or even terrifying dream you've ever had?
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Reply Sun 6 Mar, 2011 02:40 am
@Kid A,
The most terrifying dream I ever had, I vividly remember because it was one I had fairly often as a child - I haven't had it in a long time now though.

I dreamed that I was in my bedroom looking out the window which was at the front of the house and looked over the front yard, sidewalk and street. Everything was true to life - I was a little girl- about five, my bedroom was as it really was, the street looked as it always did.
The sidewalk was empty except for my father walking toward the house from the bus stop up the street and another man walking toward our house from the opposite direction. He was holding a red helium balloon on a string.
At this point I became filled with dread - the man with the red balloon filled me with trepidation and a sense of danger and I could see that he and my father would reach our house at the same time.
I felt very strongly that I wanted to be able to let my father in the house and I NEEDED to get my father in the house, but without letting this man with the red balloon in.
How would I do it? If I opened the door to my father, the dangerous man with the red balloon would get in and hurt us. But if I didn't open the door to my father, he'd be out there alone with the dangerous man with the red balloon.
The dream ended as I opened the door.

I remember the triggers for that dream. I'd watched an episode of 'One Step Beyond' which was a scary show I really shouldn't have been watching at that age. There was a woman librarian who got locked in the library at night after everyone had gone and she was mysteriously transported back in time (within the locked library at night) thirty years to the night a crazed rapist/murderer stalked the library.
Also, I'd gone to a friend's birthday party and had been given a red helium balloon to take home and my big brother stole it from me and let it go- I remember crying as I watched it float away.

Anyway - I had that dream so often when I was a child all my siblings and parents knew about it and when I'd wake up afraid they'd ask, 'Did you have the man with the red balloon dream again? Don't be afraid - he's not real.'
Kid A
Reply Sun 6 Mar, 2011 07:50 am
Goodness! I bet stephen kings "IT" freaks you out. But that's a pretty distressing situation have to pick to open the door. I would open the door to. Did you ever see beyond the door?
Reply Sun 6 Mar, 2011 12:44 pm
Aiden - boy, a shrink would have a ball with your recurring dream.

What kind of a relationship do (did) you have with your brother?
Could you count on your dad to protect you from your brother's meanness?

I think that it is not a "mean man" with the balloon - it's your brother.

And you wanted your father to reach the door so you could tell him what your brother did to you. But your dad had to get home first, since big brother would prevent you from telling dad.

Am I at all, close?

Reply Sun 6 Mar, 2011 02:35 pm
No - not at all close.

My relationship with my brother was/is fine. His behavior was pretty normal as big brothers go. I wouldn't call him abnormally mean - what big brother hasn't popped a little sister's balloon or let it sail away or you know, pulled her pigtails or dunked her in the pool?

In fact, I'd say we were closer than a lot of brothers and sisters. I used to help him with his paper route, when there was a kid who used to follow me home from school, he put a stop to it - he used to let me borrow his car - he used to pick me up from chorus practice. When I was sick once and my husband was held up at work, he left his job to come pick me up and drive me home and he stayed with me until my husband got home.
So, no, he's not a mean person. He's a good guy. I've never been afraid of him or felt he would hurt me or my father or anyone else in my family.

And yes - I could count on my dad for anything/everything. He was my rock of gibralter and emotional anchor until the day he died.
He was my protector- so it's interesting in this dream that I became his protector.

I think the man in the dream was the man in the library (in that show I watched). I think the red balloon was a symbol of impending loss- maybe I feared losing what I loved most in the world.
I don't know why. But I do remember that when I was a little girl my father did have to be hospitalized for an operation on his leg. Maybe it was around that time or something.
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Reply Sun 6 Mar, 2011 02:38 pm
@Kid A,
Did you ever see beyond the door?

Reply Mon 7 Mar, 2011 03:42 am
for me i think the craziest dream which i ever had is that i dreamt of killing a man.and the police seek for me all over the world.
Reply Mon 7 Mar, 2011 08:50 am
When I was around 8-11, I would have this reccuring dream;

someone has dropped off a baby at our front door. For some reason, I am the one who must take care of it.

I am sitting at school and doing my work when I suddenly realize that I have forgotten to take care of the baby that morning. I freak out and run out of the room, and make it for home. My heart is beating so fast, that I wake up. I never did make it home.

Kid A
Reply Tue 8 Mar, 2011 05:05 am
That was a nightmare right when the baby showed up! Maybe the babys a symbol of innocence?
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